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CTV Scale Is Here, So Where Are B2B Advertisers?

Listen NEW! Listen to article Scale has always been an important factor for B2B advertisers. Whenever a new channel or targeting technique emerges that B2C advertisers are warming up to, B2B advertisers—particularly those that are resistant to change—can usually assume that their niche audience would be too difficult or too expensive to reach through that channel. Connected TV, or CTV, is one such channel. Defined as content viewed on televisions via Internet connectivity, CTV combines the targeting and measurement capabilities...


Social Media vs. SEO: 9 Key Differences Between the Tactics [Infographic]

Both social media and search engine optimization (SEO) can be highly effective inbound marketing tactics. So which should marketers choose? An infographic (below) from Orbit Media explores what separates the two and which is better suited for various situations. Specifically, the piece looks at the differences between social media and SEO in nine key areas: topics, formats, audience targeting, conversion likelihood, speed, upper limits, effort and durability, measurement, and interdependence. Check out the infographic:   Read The Full Article This...


How Senior Marketers Set Their Budgets

The most common approach that senior marketers take for setting their marketing budget is to create a yearly budget based on the previous year’s expenses, according to recent research from The CMO Survey. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in August 2021 among 2,791 senior marketers (94% of respondents are VP-level or above). Some 41% of respondents say their marketing budget is set on a yearly basis based on the previous year’s expenses, and then adjusted...


Four Ways to Reduce Churn and Create a Companywide Culture of Customer Success

Listen NEW! Listen to article Here’s a quick litmus test for potential customer churn: When was the last time you texted a customer? Yesterday? Two months ago? Never? If you’re not on a texting basis with customers, your company is just another vendor—one of many that your customers communicate with strictly over email and via scheduled meetings. In short, you likely do not have a trusted adviser relationship, which means the risk of customer churn is higher. So how can...


You Don’t Close a Deal, You Open a Relationship

Listen NEW! Listen to article If you want to stay in business, you can’t focus solely on closing new deals and bagging new logos. The bulk of recurring revenue for many companies comes from keeping customers, not recruiting new ones. That means your success depends on building great relationships with new customers from day one. Current customers account for 33-50% of total revenue growth, even at startups, McKinsey & Company has found. Some companies even find their installed customer base...


Four Hiring Trends Marketing Managers Need to Know [Infographic]

What do marketing managers need to know about the current hiring climate? To find out, Robert Half examined findings from its annual survey of marketing employees, executives, and senior managers. An infographic (below) summarizes the key insights that managers need to know. Specifically, it looks at how hiring strategies are changing, why top performers may be looking elsewhere, and how e-commerce is driving demand for specific skills. The piece also covers the hottest marketing jobs right now. Check out the...


Why B2B Brands Face Unique–and Sometimes Self-Inflicted–Email Deliverability Challenges

Listen NEW! Listen to article Email deliverability can feel out of your control. That’s especially true for B2B brands, which have traditionally struggled with the mercurial spam-filtering behaviors of corporate email servers and the IT overlords that control them. However, now that Google Workspace and Outlook 365 are making serious inroads into the corporate email market, B2B email deliverability is behaving more like deliverability for B2C brands. That means inbox placement—i.e., reaching the inbox of recipients—is increasingly unifying around seven...


The Top Areas Where Martech Tools Could Be Improved

Marketers say the top areas where marketing tools could be improved are their integrations with other technologies, their data integrations, and their pricing, according to recent research from SharpSpring and Ascend2. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in July 2021 among 187 marketing professionals. Some 27% of marketers say integration with other technologies is one of the top areas where improvement is needed with marketing tools, and 26% say data integration and pricing are top areas...


Website Conversion Trends Every Marketing Professional Should Know About

Listen NEW! Listen to article A massive shift to online interactions across all industries has taken place globally. That, in turn, has affected user behavior and activity, so businesses have had to change their strategy to respond to increased traffic and meet the new demands of users. The cause of that shift, the pandemic, has also given many companies the time and space to launch big rebrands and to reset their digital strategy. However, change isn’t always for the better,...


The Pros and Cons of Automation for Small Businesses [Infographic]

Small business owners say the top benefit of automation is increased productivity and the top drawback is the need for excessive technical support, according to research from Skynova. The report was based on data from a survey of 288 small business owners in the United States with at least one employee. An infographic (below) explores key findings from the survey, including the five biggest benefits and drawbacks small business owners see from automation. The piece also looks at how valuable...

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