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Marketing Budgets: Spend Drops Relative to Revenue at Enterprises

Marketing budgets at large businesses have dropped significantly relative to revenue in 2021, according to recent research from Gartner. The report was based on data from a survey conducted between March and May, 2021, among 430 CMOs across North America and Europe who work for organizations with annual revenue of over $500 million. Marketing budgets fell to 6.4% of total company revenue, on average, in 2021—down from 11% in 2020 and 10.5% in 2019: The researchers found that marketing spend...


Secrets of a Million $ Conference [How to Make Money with Live Events]

Making money hosting live events like conferences, seminars and workshops involves risk but plenty of rewards One of the most popular posts on the blog is how to make money with conferences. Besides the potential to make a lot of money, live events like seminars and workshops can put your blog on the map with a larger audience. But hosting a conference or other live event is a huge commitment and can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. That’s...


So Many Social Media Outlets, So Little Time. So Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget?

Gone are the days of each social media app serving an individual, unique purpose. In its infancy, Facebook was the designated platform for connecting with classmates, friends, and family. Instagram was intended to share photos. LinkedIn’s sole purpose was professional networking. Suddenly, Instagram had stories, which had previously been a Snapchat exclusive. Then TikTok came along and changed the game as the leading platform for short videos. As Silicon Valley evolved, features that were once considered cutting edge became ubiquitous...


Rebranding: Five Steps to Building a Story of Evolution and Growth

As any entrepreneur will tell you, good ideas start with a need. In nearly a decade, Dropbox hadn’t felt the need to alter its identity. It wasn’t until Dropbox Creative Director Aaron Robbs saw the need to align the brand with how people were actually using it that a rebranding project finally kicked off. Dropbox had historically cemented its role as an “end of process” product, useful when a project is complete and ready to be stored. In practice, however,...


Everything You Need to Know About Segmentation Bases 

Market segmentation is a powerful process because it separates your audience into groups so you can effectively target them based on traits such as the challenges they’re facing and/or how they’ll respond to certain marketing efforts. The most effective way to determine which traits you’ll use to group your audience is by using segmentation bases. In this blog post, we’ll cover the definition of segmentation bases, how to apply them at your company, and how you can use multiple segmentation...


What B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites

B2B buyers say the top things they look for in vendor websites when evaluating potential solutions are relevant content and pricing/competitive information, according to recent research from Demand Gen Report and Demandbase. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in May and June 2021 among 257 B2B marketing, sales, and IT executives who are involved in purchasing decisions. Some 65% of B2B buyers say one of the Top 3 criteria they look for when visiting the website...


The State of Gender Diversity in Marketing Roles [Infographic]

Women are well represented in marketing in North America across all career levels, according to recent research from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. However, women of color are underrepresented in marketing leadership roles. The report was based on jobs data from LinkedIn’s platform as well as research from other sources. An infographic (below) explores the findings, including representation by industry and race. Check out the infographic: Continue reading “The State of Gender Diversity in Marketing Roles [Infographic]” … Read the full article...


How Employee Advocacy Can Improve Your Content Marketing Performance

Content is a powerful way for marketers to get their unique voice across. And what better way to showcase your passion for content than to put its creation in the hands of your employees? Organizations are embracing employee advocacy in content marketing, and 86% of employees participating in such programs describe the impact on their careers as positive. Employees’ creating and sharing content has a multifold purpose; it enables stronger engagement from your employees and supports marketing goals and HR...


How to Use Video in Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts

Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve got a lead that checks off every box on your “ideal customer” list, but because you’re so busy playing whack-a-mole with every lead that comes in the door… your ideal customer slips right through your fingers. You’re probably casting a wide B2B marketing net with the intention of flipping any lead who demonstrates an interest in your content. You’re pumping out ads, promos, offers, blog posts, and landing pages to scoop up those...


The 20 Best Email Newsletter Tools for Engaging Subscribers in 2021

One of the best ways to deliver valve to and engage with your subscribers — those who already like, know, and trust your brand — is through an email newsletter. With the strategy in place, newsletters help you keep your contacts engaged with your business, establish your brand authority and trustworthiness, and ultimately drive more leads. Once you have an email marketing plan for engaging your subscribers, the next step is choosing newsletter software to support your efforts. Newsletter Software...

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