5 Key Steps To Enhance Your Personal Power

While we wage a daily battle, attempting to influence others, we often forget we struggle to influence ourselves! A key element in influencing people is credibility. People judge you based on your actions, not by your intentions, and not by what you say or how you say it. Your behavior fuels your credibility; you are essentially your behavior!

Enhance Your Personal Power

Your Credibility Feeds Your Personal Power

Your credibility feeds your personal power, and just because you find yourself in a position of power at work or at home, you aren’t guaranteed respect, and it certainly doesn’t mean that people will listen to you. You have to earn it. You may be able to leverage your status, or expertise, to influence people, but this isn’t personal power, it’s power-crazed.

Everyone is born with personal power, it’s shaped by the influences of parents, social lives, and culture. These components condition us on how we can fit in. Unconsciously, we follow the accepted behaviors for someone in a particular role, as influenced by authority figures in our lives.

Don’t Push Your Personal Power Down

We push our personal power down, when we play the role of good employee. Often, we find ourselves over-awed by the power that we perceive in others. Over time, we are desensitized to our personal power, believing that other people have more value or worth. Your personal power is always there, beneath the surface, you just have to tap into it. If you want to enhance your personal power, there are five key steps to succeed. Here’s how to do it:

  • Self-awareness – the majority of people struggle with finding their voice at some point. Finding it, though, allows you to make a contribution, to lead and to make a difference. You won’t wake up one morning and find your voice and your self-awareness. You have to take time to study you to find you. Ask yourself this: what do you love doing? What is it that you are good at, and passionate about? When you know your value, share it.
  • Clarity & Empathy – people with awesome personal power are focused on the important things in life. They know what they are capable of and can easily define it for others. They have goals that are clear, and take action to achieve them. Another big part of your personal power is the ability to empathize. You can influence people more effectively when you can see things from their point of view. People will be more open and honest with you, if they believe you can understand them. Remember, it isn’t all about you.

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  • Self-belief – You aren’t what you eat, it’s what you believe. Your thoughts are your personal reality. Those with strong levels of personal power completely believe in their vision, and they take actions to ensure that they happen. Change your thinking and reframe the limits you’ve placed on yourself. When you believe in yourself, people find you more credible.
  • Energy & Enthusiasm – There is a link between enthusiasm and energy, simply because they feed off of each other. Energy and enthusiasm as vital components of personal power. Positive, successful people tend to be filled with energy; enthusiasm is seriously infectious. So, ask yourself this- what are you spreading to the people around you?
  • Lead the Way – You don’t need to be in a positive of power to be a leader. We are conditioning to believe that we need formal authority to do it, but why wait? You can step into your personal power and choose to be a proactive person, rather than always waiting and instead reacting. No one needs to offer you permission to lead, true leadership comes from within. It’s easy, lead yourself and other people will start to follow.

Don’t delay, it’s time to start enhancing your personal power today.

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