5 Tips To Stop Surviving And Start Living

Do you find yourself merely surviving or is your focus on thriving? People who thrive are focused on how they can reinvent themselves, and be a success, despite the negativity and adversity that surrounds them.

Everyone goes through rough times, and there are plenty of things that are entirely out of your control. You can’t control the state of the national debt or the economy, you can’t control the weather or what other people do and say. There is something that you do control, though, and that is how you think, how you act, and how you respond to those things that are out of your control.

You should be living to thrive, not living to survive! Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you’re being unrealistic, nor does it mean that you’re sitting on the fence, waiting for goodness to wash over you. Thinking is just the first step, what following thinking is action. It’s vital to understand that the world is full of challenges, and you can learn from that and create a plan to stop surviving, and start living.

  • Don’t give in to negativity. No matter what it is, don’t participate in negativity, whether it’s gossip, nay saying, or even the recession! Keep your focus on your vision, your goals, whether they are for your business or yourself. Start believing that success is within your grasp. Remain positive, work hard, and take actions to grow.
  • Don’t invite judgement. You don’t need to allow judgement from others to enter your life, because by allowing it you’re inviting negativity. You are capable of doing amazing things, so don’t make excuses, and don’t let outside judgements cloud yours.
  • Be accountable. You own your thoughts and you own your actions, so step up and take responsibility. Don’t engage in finger pointing, or pass the blame on to someone else if things go wrong. Look at you, and how you can alter the outcome. Do remember this, you can only be responsible for the things you have the power to change.
  • Be a magnet for success. You want to start attracting money, opportunities, positivity, love, peace, business, or clients? Then focus on what it is that you want, and don’t give your personal power to negative circumstances. That type of behavior only gives power to your debt, or your lack of success. By focusing on negative situations, you’re gifting it your power. Focus your thoughts and attention on how to achieve what you want. This motivates positivity and improves your creative flow.
  • Know your why. What makes you get up every morning? People who are living and thriving know their why and use it as their fuel. Once you finish reading this, take half an hour out and sit and consider your why. What’s important to you, and why do you do it? What is it that you want? Discover the why and stay on track. Behind every goal there is a why, and it’s vital that you take time out to understand it. If you want to accomplish your goals, then you need to understand it to breathe purpose and meaning into it.

Now, ask yourself this: who are you? Have you just been surviving, or have you been living and thriving? Survivors view the world as uncertain and unfavorable, they’re cautious and think narrowly. Livers and thrivers, though, think positively, they find ways to solve their problems, and act with courage and strength. They think outside the box and believe that every goal is achievable. They take action and work hard to achieve those goals. They never give up.

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