Autoresponder – Is It Necessary To Have One To Succeed?

To succeed marketing your business online you will need 3 components: a domain name, web hosting… AND an autoresponder.

While there may be a few marketers who do make money without an autoresponder, rest assured that most of the successful ones ALWAYS have an autoresponder in place.

Yes, it’s a monthly fee… and may be a bit of an inconvenience for beginner marketers on a tight budget. If you’re just starting out online and can’t afford an autoresponder, it’d be a good idea to work a day job and put aside enough money to pay for at least 6 months of an autoresponder service.

A reliable service like GetResponse is around $15 a month for 1000 leads. If you build your list correctly, you’ll be able to recoup your monthly expenditure and more.
You really do need an autoresponder service to accelerate your growth and success online. Let’s see why…

Captures leads you’d have lost forever

Assuming you have a blog or video channel or a Facebook group, you’ll have visitors or subscribers visiting your page/channel/group. But what happens after that?

If you have no autoresponder, you can’t have a sign-up page for the visitor to enter their email. You’d probably lose the visitor forever. While only a fraction of the visitors will sign up to your list, over time, this will be a sizeable amount.

So, having an autoresponder helps you to capture leads… which brings us to the next point…

Helps to warm up cold traffic

In order to make sales, whether you’re a vendor or an affiliate, people need to trust you. This is crucial. A casual visitor to your site or video channel just doesn’t have enough information to trust you enough.

But when they get on your list and keep receiving value-driven emails from you, they’ll start to like and trust you. This is where the magic happens.

With an autoresponder, you can warm up cold traffic and build a loyal audience whom you can market to over and over again.
The Basics About Autoresponders

A list of buyers is priceless

When you start creating and selling your own products, an autoresponder will help you to add your buyers’ emails to a list. This list is precious, to say the least.
People who have bought from you before will be much more likely to buy again, if your products are good. Major companies know that it’s easier and cheaper to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.
And that means…

Cuts on marketing costs

An autoresponder will help you cut on your marketing costs too. If you have emails queued up in your autoresponder, once someone joins your list, they’ll go through the email sequence that you’ve set up.

Ideally, the first few emails should be of a relationship-building nature. After those are sent, you can have promotional emails spaced out at intervals to promote products you’re selling or affiliate offers.

This will help you gain passive emails as your buyers are persuaded to buy more from or through you. The lifetime value of a customer will rise exponentially when you have an autoresponder that sells for you 24/7.

People usually check their emails

While people may forget about your website or video channel, most of them will check their emails. So, you’ll still be able to be in contact with them.

If you provide enough value, most subscribers will stay on your list for years to come and keep buying from you.

You can only do this with an autoresponder. By now you should realize that an autoresponder is a must-have. It’s a crucial component in any online business and will pay for itself many times over if you do your email marketing right

Many autoresponder companies offer a free one-month trial for you to get started. Choose one that you like and start building your list as soon as possible.

Start Strong – Create Your Autoresponder Account Today

There are no doubt countless way that you can engage with your audience, however one of the most effective is through email. This is a method that you can utilize to effective connect and build a relationship with your audience.