Uses For Your Mailing List

So, you’ve built a mailing list and now you’re using it to drive more traffic to your site and encourage more sales of your products. You’re developing a stronger relationship as a result and you are able to communicate directly with your audience.

There are several ways that you can get even more profit and benefit from all your hard work of building your list. Here are some examples:

Surveys and Crowdsourcing

A mailing list is not just a marketing list – it is also an informational resource. Consider asking your mailing list questions and getting feedback from them regarding your ideas and your future plans. After all, you are planning on selling the next digital product you make to this audience, right? Why not ask which products they’d like to see from you and then use that in order to make sure they are highly likely to buy!

Solo Ads

When you’ve read about solo ads thus far, you’ve probably been looking at them from the perspective of being a customer. But now you have your own large list, why not bring in some extra cash by selling adverts? Here you will get paid in order to do shout-outs, which is essentially like having a sponsor. It’s a very easy way to make money but of course the risk is that you can end up losing out by damaging the trust you’ve built with your audience. Avoiding this is a simple matter of carefully selecting the advertisers and handling the messaging in a way that is downplayed and respectful

Exit Strategy

Here’s another very good reason to build a mailing list that many people won’t consider: you can sell it! Mailing lists lose their value as soon as you try to sell them and this means that you can’t make a living by buying and selling emails. But while that’s true, a mailing list can significantly increase the value of your website if you come to sell that or your business. If this is your intended exit strategy, then building up a big mailing list is a very good use of your time. Think of this like developing a property. While you wouldn’t get much money if you sold that hardwood floor, you can increase the value of your property by having it.

Building your list takes time and effort. And it is very satisfying once you start to see results. The key is always to keep at the fore front, why you are building your list, as well as keeping in mind it is an asset in your business.