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Verizon implements Ethereum Blockchain to track press releases

Verizon reveals it implemented the most used Ethereum blockchain to monitors its press releases. The blockchain based system is set to raise the corporate bar of Verizon. The new blockchain framework is dubbed as Full-Transparent that tracks the press releases system. Verizon announced that it is launching a new tech that will record press releases through Ethereum blockchain. This news took the community by surprise, but it’s a step in the right direction. According to Verizon, their new system is...


Chinese Digital Yuan to get featured in upcoming Huawei smartphone

Central Bank Digital Currencies have been lately in talks due to their use cases. Recently, we have witnessed several countries planning to launch their own digital currency. The latest hardware wallet feature in Huawei smartphone will provide exposure to Chinese Digital Yuan. Huawei is set to release a new smartphone that will offer a wallet for users of China Digital Yuan.  They made this announcement yesterday the 30th of October through the Huawei Post and it has put the crypto...


A look at Netflix’s recent price increase

Netflix announced a price increase on Thursday that sent shares higher. Netflix acknowledged the price increase comes at a time of heightened competition. Multipl experts expect more price increases to come over the years. Streaming video giant Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) announced on Thursday it will raise prices for U.S. customers and investors cheered the announcement.  Price increase details Netflix’s standard subscription plan increases by $1 a month to $14 and its premium subscription plan goes up by $2 to...


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, says Jack Ma

The founder of Ecommerce giant Alibaba, Jack Ma is now supporting the cryptocurrencies. This is probably due to the recent breakthrough of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We have seen the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma talking about the use cases of blockchain technology in the past. The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, states that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance. In his speech, he said that digital currencies are here to stay. And global regulation of digital coins is bad for...


Starbucks CEO: recovery unfolding ‘faster than we anticipated’

Starbucks reported fiscal fourth quarter results that came in better than expected. While revenue and comps were still negative, other metrics signal a clear rebound from April. CEO Kevin Johnson said the recovery is happening faster than expected. Coffee giant Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) reported Thursday afternoon fiscal fourth quarter results that signal the company’s recovery from COVID-19 lows is unfolding “faster than we anticipated,” CEO Kevin Johnson told Bloomberg TV. Rebound from lows Starbucks reported a solid EPS beat...


Chevron concludes the fiscal third quarter with £159 million of net loss.

Chevron concludes the fiscal third quarter with £159 million of net loss. The energy giant reports £18.85 billion of revenue in the third quarter. The American multinational plans on cutting 25% of Noble Energy jobs. Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) published its earnings report on Friday that highlighted that company to have concluded the third quarter with £159.57 million of net loss that translates to 9.25 pence per share. In the comparable quarter of last year, the oil major had reported...


Tether dominates the market, DAI and USDC to follow the lead

The most valuable stablecoin Tether shows no signs of stopping as it hovers in the green zone. Amid the Bitcoin rise, most of the stablecoins have provided relief to the investors that were losing hope. Other stablecoins such as DAI and USDC are also trading in the green zone and indicate a major bull-run. Tether has become the most promising stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Tether is the third most valuable stablecoin around the world, trading at $1 as of...


10-year Treasury yield falls on deteriorating risk sentiment

U.S. Treasury yields are headed lower today on increased risks related to the spikes in new coronavirus cases A trend of narrowing the yield gap between Japan and the rest of the globe is observed The 10-year yield has fallen from 0.872% to 0.746% in the past few days The yield on the 10-year Treasury bond has continued to contract after slipping to 0.758% today. In the meantime, it seems that Japanese life insurance companies are coming back to the...


Bitcoin (BTC) fees nearly tripled in the last few days

Bitcoin transaction fees are growing, with the current average fee being $10.20. This is the third time in history that the fees have entered double digits, representing 22.25% of revenue. Despite this, Ethereum is still more profitable to mine due to the massive interest in DeFi. Bitcoin (BTC) price recently skyrocketed by almost $1000, going beyond $13.700. However, it is not the only aspect of the world’s largest cryptocurrency that has seen a major increase. The coin’s fees have nearly...


Eli Lilly’s net income contracts to £920 million in the fiscal third quarter.

Eli Lilly’s net income contracts to £920 million in the fiscal third quarter. The pharmaceutical company posts a 5% annualised growth in revenue. Eli Lilly forecasts up to £18.52 billion of revenue for the full year. Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE: LLY) said on Tuesday that its earnings in the fiscal third quarter came in lower than expected. Eli Lilly is one of the prominent names that is committed to developing an effective treatment for COVID-19. It started late-stage human...

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