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Top 5 Sentiment Analysis Tools

Understanding how your audience feels about your product or service is paramount to any marketing strategy. To build a comprehensive brand marketing strategy, you should know what people struggle with and what they enjoy about your products. You should also know how their attitude to your brand changes in response to product launches, marketing campaigns, and outside events. Fortunately, the world of technology is evolving all the time, and now sentiment analysis tools can provide that data. What is sentiment...


The Social Commerce Habits of Gen Z and Millennials [Infographic]

What are the social media shopping habits of younger Americans? The Influencer Marketing Factory surveyed 350 Gen Z-ers and Millennials in the United States. The researchers found social commerce shoppers don’t tend to seek immediate gratification: More than half (53%) of respondents say they like to carefully research products they see on social media before buying, and only 12% say they’ve bought something right away. A recent infographic (below) explores additional findings from the survey, including insights on younger social...


24 Popular Gifts B2B Firms Sent to Customers in 2020

Sweet treats, tumblers, and e-commerce gift cards were among the most popular gifts B2B firms sent to buyers and customers in 2020, according to recent research from Sendoso. The report was based on internal data from Sendoso, a platform that enables marketers, salespeople, and customer experience specialists to send a wide range of physical gifts and e-gifts. The researchers also surveyed 750 B2B decision-makers. Cookies and Yeti tumblers were the most popular direct sends and physical sends to B2B buyers...


Eight Ad Tech Innovators’ Hopes and Expectations for 2021

Although the ad tech industry wasn’t hit the hardest by the pandemic, it still felt ripples of the crisis from other businesses. Advertising growth was stalled: Predicted media ad spend for 2021 dropped from $758B to $738B as a result. Apart from the global recession that benefited some technologies and disrupted others, ad tech went through local disruptions that prompted industry leaders to think outside the box. The death of cookies and IDFA, new privacy regulations, ad format popularity shifts,...


Three Ways to Optimize Your B2B Direct Marketing Program in 2021

As a B2B marketer, you’ve experienced how the circumstances of 2020 increased the complexities of your direct marketing strategy and, in turn, its effectiveness. Connecting with your professional audience at their homes rather than in their offices has encouraged marketers to re-examine their strategy and available tactics. By using a data-first approach to customer retention and the development of an engaging multichannel experiences, you can optimize your B2B direct marketing program to increase conversions and customer retention in today’s market....


Audio Marketing: From Radio to Clubhouse [Infographic]

Audio marketing today is far different from what it was a few years ago. Since 2014, AM/FM listening has decreased 9% while all other audio listening has increased 12%. When developing audio strategies, marketers must now account for digital formats that have been steadily gaining share for years (like podcasts) as well as new platforms on the rise (like Clubhouse). A recent infographic (below) from Transcription Outsourcing explores the current audio landscape and covers what has and has not changed...


What Are You Going to Do About Your Outdated B2B Buyer Personas?

The hard truth is that no one came out of 2020 unscathed. So, as marketers, how does that change the way we work with our customers in 2021? Here’s a quick reminder of why personas are so important (even if they’ve fallen off the top of your priority list) according to this helpful article: They explain who your ideal customer is through demographic and psychographic details. They offer buyer insight that helps you understand why your ideal customer pulls out...


Chief Marketer Survey: The Biggest Marketing Leadership Deficiencies

Senior marketers say the biggest marketing leadership deficiency in their organizations is an understanding of the customer journey, according to recent research from the CMO Council and Chief Outsiders. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in 1Q21 among 150 members of the CMO Council. Some 44% of respondents say their organization has a marketing leadership gap/hole/deficiency in understanding the customer journey. Other major deficiencies include understanding how to segment and personalize messaging at scale (42% of...


Social Media Retargeting: The Benefits of Drawing Your Customers Back In

How many times have you added a consumer product to your virtual cart only to get distracted, hesitate, or simply exit out of the window? And how many times have you seen an ad for the very same product on your Instagram or Facebook feed less than three hours later? That is social retargeting, and it is one of the most powerful tools in marketers’ arsenals today— and, no, not only for e-commerce marketers. One challenge facing businesses comes from...


Which Countries Hate Online Ads the Most? [Infographic]

In which countries are people most interested in online ad blocking? To find out, Surfshark looked at every country’s search volume for the top ad-blocking software relative to its population of Internet users. The researchers found that people in France dislike online ads the most: There were 579 searches for ad-blocking software per 100,000 Internet users. An infographic (below) covers the full list of the 10 countries with the populations that most search for ad-blocking software. Check out the infographic:...

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