Top Concerns Facing Your OEM and How You Can Help Them

As an OEM, issues in your supply chain can completely derail your reputation and your revenue. Manufacturing OEM hardware means finding the right parts for the right price and having a seamless production process running continuously in the background. When you have buyers waiting, they expect high-quality products delivered on time and made to a high quality. When you’re an OEM, it can feel as though you’re walking a proverbial tightrope.

Did you know that more manufacturers than ever before are turning to Sourcengine to help them source and purchase all the parts they need to create their latest products? Using their BOM tool, purchasers can streamline the entire procurement process and keep both sides of the contract assured and content.

Here we’ll explore the top concerns facing your OEM and how you can help them.

Finding the right parts

Sourcing specific parts for very intricate hardware can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Your average supplier may not have the electrical components you need without long waiting times and pre-orders in place. But with an extensive product finder, you’ll have access to a library of over 550 million electronic component parts, ensuring you have the diversity and variety you need to source the parts you want as quickly as possible.

With over 3000 vendors selling high-quality component parts, even the most intricate of parts including fixed capacitors, non-linear resistors, oscillators and quartz crystal resonators are at your fingertips. No pre-orders, no waiting lines, just the parts you need within an instant.

Finding the right price

With strict budgets in place, financial wiggle room isn’t always an option. Especially if OEMs are trying to keep their costs as low as possible. Again, Sourcengine can help resolve this issue. When you upload your BOM to their management tool, you can set specific criteria that can keep you within your budget without compromising on the quality of the components you need. You’ll also have access to the latest deals and price cuts from specific vendors, giving you even more opportunities to save money.

Delivery and logistics

As an OEM who manufactures products to sell to retail clients, time is of the essence. Being held up by logistical issues and delivery problems just isn’t an option, especially when you have contractual obligations to fill. You can’t risk losing contracts due to the ineptitude of your current parts supplier. Thankfully, Sourcengine can help with this too. Again, their BOM tool can help you select the logistic criteria you need, helping you source reliable suppliers who can get you the part you want within the time frame you need. Sourcengine then works around the clock to have your parts delivered as promised.

And finally, inventory errors

Duplicate parts, incorrect codes, missing orders — all these inventory problems can leave the team scrambling for clarity. They’re also expensive mistakes you can do without. To help with this issue, the BOM management tool available from Sourcengine gives users the ability to download their latest BOMs and keep them easily managed on their personal dashboard. This reduces the issues of inventory errors and those expensive mistakes.

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