Top 20 PDF Submission Sites List 2021- PDF & Document Sharing for SEO

Popular types of online sharing

➔ Here you can submit your content free by simply uploading in a file made of PDf or Word. Websites like, Scribd, SlideShare, Google Drive,etc offer you options to upload your content in the form of these prescribed formats.

What file formats you can use to submit? PDF and Microsoft Word Documents. While at some you can also use these file formats as well: Text file documents (.TXT), Excel sheets, xlsx , workbook. xlsm, etc.

These websites are thought to be very good, in terms of off-page SEO, referral traffic, and website ranking improvements.

This type of content sharing technique is very common and highly used technique by most of the expert marketers and publishers online. Grab the chance of free search engine website submission to these high Domain authority websites.

Once you submit your files here, it will be indexed very fast by Google and other search engines and your backlinks will be discovered within hours after a successful submission at them!

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PDF Submission Sites List 2020-2021

Ultimate List of Document Sharing Websites that make it easy, fast, and simple to share your document files online ( Websites Similar to Scribd and SlideShare )

Here is this list of PDF Document sharing sites where you could submit your content free. Get free high quality backlinks from these of High Google Page rank and very Good Alexa rankings. ( You may also share your content at these High PR advertising marketing websites)

Upload your website or blog content to them and let the referral traffic flow towards your main site.

#1. Slide share

[ PR8, Alexa Rank: 119 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 85, Moz Rank: 8.5 ]

Slideshare is an outstanding and amazing platform for sharing content to the world in the form of PDF and Word document files.

SlideShare is one of the oldest site in this category. You can discover, share, and learn anything here! This is a great site from SEO perspective as well due to excellent link value it offers.

#2. Scribd

[ PR8, Alexa Rank: 310 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 79, Moz Rank: 7.9 ]

Scribd comes at the second position in terms of popularity and number of unique monthly users it has. Scribd is much more than a file sharing platform. Still, we wanted to include it in this list as it offers great number of views and potential audience to the documents shared and uploaded on it.

#3. Issuu

[ PR9, Alexa Rank: 442 ] [ DA: 94, PA: 84, Moz Rank: 8.2 ]

Issuu gets more than 15000 publications uploaded on a daily basis. yo can imagine the kind of popularity it enjoys from the readers, publishers, and uploaders around the world. You can create, upload and even monetize your content on Issuu.

#4. Mediafire

[ PR6, Alexa Rank: 199 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 79, Moz Rank: 7.9 ]

Mediafire is a globally renowned online platform for sharing a lot of kinds of files and documents in various formats. You can share, collaborate, store, and access files in the form of audio, video, photos, and documents (Word, pdf).

It gives you 10GB free space initially that can go upto 50GB if you get bonuses.


[ PR8, Alexa Rank: 88 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 83, Moz Rank: 8.3 ] had taken the online world by storm when it was launched in the early 2007.

Dropbox is a file storing, sharing, and collaborative tool and platform for Professionals, Freelancers, Individuals, Businesses, and Enterprises.

Dropbox accepts almost all the popular file formats for uploading and sharing.

#6.    PR7    57827

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