Top 15 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins for Affiliates and Online Marketers

Google Analytics plugin is the best tracking tool for a website. It does not require any paid up-gradations and comes as a totally free analytics tool. It uses Google’s asynchronous tracking method helps track the websites traction.One of its most significant features is Trending Content which shows how your content is performing across your audience. This is very effective in selection and future content planning.

Other features include: traffic sources, referral links, email alerts, real-time tracking, mobile optimization, etc.

To ease the links selection and copy pasting the product links manually Amazon Affiliate Plugins have made life easier for Amazon affiliate marketers.

It is one of the most popular automation tools for the affiliate marketers. All you have to do is just select the appropriate product category for your website and the popular relevant products automatically start displaying on your website.

It minimizes the time and effort in selection of the product links and manually copy pasting them on your websites. Your amazon ID is tagged in the shared link and gets you the optimum ads display with minimum efforts.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate

8. WordPress RSS Aggregator

It is one of the best aggregator tool for RSS feeds. The free core version of this plugin allows to aggregate unlimited RSS feeds from as many resources as we wish.

For optimum performance it also staggers the updates using individual updating and batch updating.

Some of the key core features that comes with the free version of RSS Aggregator are:

– Import Unlimited number of RSS Feeds from Unlimited resources.

– Display the Feed items using the shortcut code and its parameters.

– Display the feed items using the display Function.

– Linking to the enclosure tag.

– Importing feed items with unique titles.

– Manage and Import feed items.

– Opens video directly from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.

– Multilingual functionality.

9. SEM Rush

SEM Rush is one of the best keyword analyzer tool which gives a clear insight and full report of the money keywords and traffic keywords. Other details that it brings out are: Keyword position and trends, traffic percentage and traffic estimate and Adsence CPC.

➤ SEMrush Tool Reviewed

It helps get the keyword ideas and the best performing keywords in your niche.

You can get the links of the most popular blogs or websites in your niche and find out the keywords that are generating more money for them.

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10. CueLinks

A complete monetization tool for the affiliate marketers. Once you signup with CueLinks and your account is approved you instantly gain access to all the affiliate marketing partners of CueLinks from around the globe.

Once you have installed CueLinks, whichever link you paste on your website or blog it automatically gets converted into affiliate links and earns you respective commissions on the same.

Free CueLinks Signup

11. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager WordPress plugin has been designed especially for e-commerce store to drive more traffic and sales to your website. This tools helps in selection and registration of the appropriate affiliates for your websites. It also helps keep record of the sales commissions and tracking referrals.

Some of its key features are:

Real-time tracking and reporting, unlimited affiliates, payout tracking and report, Paypal integration, manual adjustments of payouts, unlimited creatives and ads, autoresponder, custom affiliate registration, multilingual.

12. Convert-a-Link

Convert-a-link as the name suggest is a tool for publisher where whenever they paste a link on their website it automatically gets converted into an affiliate link and start earning them the commissions.

Convert-a-link has a huge network of affiliate partners across the globe which makes this possible.

13. Affilinet Performance Ads

Affilinet Performance ads WordPress plugin facilitates automated ads display services on your website. It becomes very easy for a non technical person as using this plugin one does not need to get into technical details of ads displaying.

Other key features of Affilinet Performance Ads Plugin: no minimum traffic levels required, 15 days payment commitment after action validation, mobile and tablet compatible tracking, optimization technology to maximize earnings, user friendly performance tracking platform and API.

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14. Affiliates

A complete tool for affiliate marketers to successfully run, manage and track their affiliate marketing campaigns and earn more commissions.

Prominent features of Affiliates WordPress Plugin:

– easy setup.

– accurate affiliate tracking.

– complete integration.

– real-time reporting.

– unlimited affiliates.

– unlimited creatives.

– affiliate coupon tracking.

– easy affiliate management.

– automatic affiliate creation.

– manual affiliate approval.

– affiliate area.

– referral link generator.

– referral rate types.

– easy affiliate registration.

– affiliate Urls.

– customizable e-mails.

– simple shortcodes.

– export data to csv.

– payouts logs.

– developer friendly.

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15. eBay Feeds for WordPress

It allows affiliate marketers to start displaying eBay partner network feeds instantly on WordPress blogs.

➤ Affiliate marketing Program of e-Bay

This is the most popular plugin for those affiliate marketers who are actively promoting eBay products on their blogs and aim to earn more and keep a track of the same.

Download eBay Feeds for WordPress

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