Throwback to 2011: My journey to building FEA

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Welcome to the 100th episode of the She Means Business Show! Woohoo!

When I pressed publish on that first episode back in January of 2017, I had so many ideas about what I wanted this podcast to be like.

I wanted to interview successful female entrepreneurs and inspire others to start their own wildly successful businesses with amazing tips, inspiring stories and meaningful conversations.

From that very first episode, I’ve had the most incredible conversations with so many inspiring women around the world who are walking in the direction of their dreams and I’ve been able to share my own beliefs, stories and tips with you.

To mark this special 100th episode occasion, we’re doing something completely different!

Team FEA had a fun idea to put together a collection of clips and videos going all the way back to 2011, when I first started FEA – this episode is like FEA’s version of Gogglebox, haha!

I’m so excited to take a trip down memory lane with you and to show you that we all just start off with a dream and an idea… no flashy videography, no huge audiences, no clue how to make it happen! But with determination – it’s absolutely incredible what we can achieve!

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years – FEA wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you. I’m so grateful for how you’ve cheered me on over the years. It’s been amazing to share this journey with you and I’m so glad I found the courage back in 2011 to take the leap and start sharing what I love and believe in with you all.


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Throwback to 2011: My journey to building FEA

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