The Importance of Detaching From the Outcome (+ Recap on my launch) with Amanda Boleyn

On November 1st I officially opened the doors to my signature program, The Ultimate Leap Suite Academy with a pre-launch to register for the program at a discount two weeks prior. The Ultimate Leap Suite Academy is course + community that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches launch their online business and get clients so that they can replace their Corporate income, quit their job and live the life they’ve always dreamed about.

This was the first time I launched this entire course. There are over 75 different lessons teaching students how to set up their business from email marketing, website, client on-boarding, accounting, legal, you name it. Every month I host mini-training and coaching sessions in our private Facebook Group.

In this episode you will…

  • Learn more about The Ultimate Leap Suite Academy course
  • How to launch a program or course
  • Get to know the essentials before launching
  • Hear about my biggest valuable lesson during my own launch
  • Find out how to turn your bad experience around to a priceless learning experience



“During the week of the launch when sales were stagnant, I found my brain wanting to fill the void, wanting to FIX any problem it could find. My brain wanted to start working on the next launch vs being present in the moment of the current launch. Why? I think it was because it was so uncomfortable to come face to face with something not meeting your expectations.”

“You can understand how to do something but you don’t KNOW how to it until you do go through it. I now have THIS experience so that next time one of my clients goes through this on their launch, I KNOW what they’re going through and how to overcome and work through it. “

“Where can I detach from the outcome, the result and how can I continue to remind myself that my enoughness isn’t conditional, I am already human and therefore enough.”

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