The Cost of Perfection as an Online Business Owner and Coach with Amanda Boleyn

Today’s episode is about the cost of perfection as an online business owner and coach. This topic is one that is dear to my heart and the more and more I work with my clients, I see so many dreams never realized because of the fear of not being “perfect,” or fear of making the wrong decision or choice. So much of what we do, we don’t do, and how we behave is rooted in the thoughts that we think. Our thoughts create an emotion that causes an action that produces a result.

Here’s how to tell when perfection is rearing its head and getting in the way of you taking action:

  • Not taking action. – One way this looks is when you’re just starting, you think to yourself, “I want to get started but I don’t know if where I start is what I want it to look like long-term so why even start?” You’re afraid that it won’t be perfect and that you’ll make the wrong decision but the truth is…there is no right or wrong decision.
  • Constantly re-doing things without them playing out. – This looks like launching a freebie and then spending time updating it, tweaking it rather than promoting it. 
  • Comparing your work to others to see if it is “good enough” and looking outside of yourself for validation and ideas on your business

How to move away from perfection and get yourself comfortable with imperfect action.

  • Remake your decision on what being perfect and imperfect means. – Bring into awareness what the meaning of being perfect is in your life. Take inventory of experiences growing up, pressures you’ve put on yourself about being perfect, and potentially any fear you have around not being perfect. 
  • Redirect your focus. – Instead of focusing on the actual outcome itself. Let’s say you’re putting together a group coaching program. Instead of focusing on whether or not it is perfect, focus on the program you’ve made and who you’ve become along the way. Focus on the journey, not the outcome. 
  • Rewire your thoughts. – This requires you to become very aware of what you’re thinking (and not thinking). If you want the results of someone who you aspire to, you have to understand what they’re thinking that drives their choices, actions, and way of being. 
  • Lastly, detach your worth to your need to be perfect and what you make it mean. – he truth is, is that you are worthy regardless of age, income, actions, conditions. We are all worthy as humans. Unfortunately, we’ve been raised to believe that our worthiness is only conditional. I remember that the only way I’d reward myself or feel good about myself was if I had a successful launch, if I made a certain amount of money. The moment I decided to let go of that condition and step into my power and abundance because I am human, I was able to release all low vibrating energy.  

Friend, it is time for you to bust loose from perfection. If you enjoyed today’s podcast episode I’d love for you to leave us an iTunes review and join us inside our free private Facebook group by heading to

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