Streamline Your Income with Jessica Stansberry

Today’s guest helps passionate women create content that sells for them so they can grow their business, increase their streams of passive income, and live a life on purpose by selling online courses to teach all the skills needed to do just that.

Our guest for this episode is Jessica Stansberry. She’s an online course creator and business coach. She throws down booty-kicking advice on her weekly podcast, Grit, on her YouTube channel, and blog and shows up every day on Instagram to make sure these women feel like they’re not alone and they have every tool they need.

In this episode you will…

  • Get a background story on how she started her business
  • Learn the reason why she decided to take the leap
  • Discover how she overcomes the challenges at the beginning of her business
  • Get tips on how to properly price your services
  • Get insights on how she built her audience
  • Find out the importance of listening to your audience
  • How to focus on your target audience and getting rid of the noise
  • Learn how to filter out your social media to remove negative contents
  • Get tips on scheduling your calendar


“I started doing freelance design work and some photography and then morphed into blog design, web design and kept morphing from there.”

“Every “bad’ thing or “failure” that has happened has been a blessing in disguise, either as a way for me to make changes that needed to happen or as a way for me to learn something I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.”

“If you’re not in the arena, also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

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