Starting a Home Bakery Business

Baked Goods
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Many people want to be able to earn money from the comfort of their own home. If you have the passion and skills for baking, this could be something that you want to make a profit from. Setting up your business consists of more than simply baking your items and hoping that people will buy them. Instead, you may need to obtain some trade tools, as well as to figure out the best way to gain, and then increase a client base.

Taking Payments

One of the fundamental ways for you to be able to profit from your business is by taking payments. This might involve taking cash, and then logging it for your tax records, however not all customers will want to pay in this way. By using machines to read credit cards, you can also take plastic payments, and then print off a sales receipt for both yourself and your customer. This can allow you to have instant records of your sales, rather than needing to then spend time documenting each sale.

When you aren’t working, it can be important to keep your card reader, cash received, and even petty cash in a secure place, which is why it may be beneficial to buy a small safe, that you could keep attached to the inside of a cupboard or even your wardrobe. This means that your money will be secure, and unlikely to be confused with your own personal funds.


While you may initially start out selling your wares to family and friends, this may not bring you in a decent monthly salary. In time, it can be a good idea to try and branch out to gain other customers. Advertising on websites, in local newsletters and newspapers, and even on social media can really help to get you up and running.

To successfully advertise, you want to make sure that any images of your baked goods are of high quality, and are the correct size for the platform you are using. In addition to this, when advertising online, you may wish to also specify the demographic groups for those you would like to sell to, or feel may be more likely to appreciate your advert and want to buy from your business.


Having good quality equipment can also affect the success of your home baking business. While your old tins and tools may have proved useful to you, time can deteriorate their quality. Something as simple as a tray losing its non-stick capabilities can result in damaged baked goods, which may then need to be re-made, wasting your money, time, and ingredients. You don’t need to spend a fortune, however, having good quality equipment can make your creation process that bit easier.

Baking can be a wonderful way to relieve stress, make your house smell amazing, and even make you money. By considering a solid business plan and marketing strategy before you begin, you might be able to say goodbye to the office for good, and instead, earn your living from your kitchen.

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