Start From Scratch Challenge – Day 5 [Pricing + Next Steps]

Welcome back for the 5th and final day of the Start From Scratch Challenge, you have made it! Now, if you’ve listened to all the trainings and done your homework, you should be feeling pretty excited right about now!

Today we’re going to cover some final things so you can start marketing your services:

  • We’re going to talk about pricing – how much to charge and how to plan for the number of hours you can work each week.
  • Content Creation – specifically your Instagram grid.
  • We’re going to cover your email strategy and how to reach out to people in your immediate network.
  • Lastly, I’ll be sharing a way for you to take this content even deeper and apply to get massive results.

Don’t forget to download the workbook for this challenge by heading to

We’d love to connect with you on Instagram! Head to

For shownotes, head to

Remember to keep doing it your way!

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