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Melissa was previously a successful Chemical Engineer before running her own multiple 6 figure business. When she was a kid it was instilled in her mind that to be successful, it is either to become a doctor or be married and have a husband. That is because her parents when they moved to the US from Hong Kong, they know just very little English, just “Hi” and “Thank you” and other than that, the words “Doctor” and “Husband.” Growing up she’s always way ahead in school, attended community college for her math classes. She’s that high school girl that instead of partying and doing other cool stuff, went to engineering camp. She’s great with Science and Math and that’s what her parents push her to go and had her degree in Chemical Engineering. 

When she landed her first job in the real world. She made good money but only had one week’s vacation for the whole year. She was working so hard and she thought that since everyone around her is saying this is how it’s supposed to be, you’re supposed to hustle your first few years, once you’re in your 30s, it’s going to get easier. You move into management; you’ll be making more money. But then ding, ding, ding nothing happened she is still working hard and in odd hours. And it kind of a realization that it’s not going to change any time soon. 

Her dreams of traveling around the world, live abroad for months at a time, go and give back to the world, get back to the community, fun charities, start her own charity at some point, is starting to just become a big bubble of dreams. She knew she had to do something for her to achieve those dreams. 

In 2014 she started using Instagram to post her bodybuilding and bikini competitions, she had people reach out to her regarding fitness advice and how she can help them. From there she was able to help many people and had her Instagram verified. She started her first online business as an online coach. She was running this on the side with her full-time job. It came to a point that she can no longer handle her 1:1 clients while doing a full-time job, it’s her 9-5 that is holding her back to create a bigger impact. It was a scary decision but she then quit her job on a two-week noticed and had been thriving since then.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn to take small steps to change your current situation
  • Discover your passion and pursue it
  • Get to know the importance of having a coach
  • Identify your niche when pursuing your business
  • Focus on the right thing that will drive your business
  • Be ready to feel uncomfortable to be able to reach your goal



“It was a scary decision and knew I needed to take that risk, get uncomfortable if I ever wanted to live the life I had been dreaming about.”

“If you are sitting through or going through some type of comparison, instead of comparing yourself to others, use them as inspiration and evidence.”

“So one of the biggest things that really helped with that was time blocking and just creating a schedule and creating a routine in my life. So even though I wasn’t in a nine to five, I needed some type of routine because if not, I would sit there and binge-watches The Bachelor or binge-watch whatever was there, because, oh, I work for myself. I can do this. It’s not me being effective and growing the business. “



Melissa Lin




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