Sinclair Broadcast Group Expands “The National Desk” to Evening Broadcasts

Following the success of their daytime news program, “The National Desk” Sinclair Broadcast Group has announced the program has expanded to include a nightly evening broadcast.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has announced its acclaimed original news program, “The National Desk,” will be expanding its in-depth, by-the-minute coverage into the evening news hours as of September 27, 2021. From 10 p.m.-12 a.m. (EDT), and 7 p.m.-9 p.m (PDT), viewers across the country can tune into MY and CW Network channels owned-or-operated by Sinclair (68 stations in total), stream the show on STIRR, Sinclair’s free streaming platform, as well as Sinclair’s news websites for a thorough look at the most poignant news stories of the day.

Following its inception in January 2021, “The National Desk” has been incredibly well-received, providing audiences with local and national news, free from commentary. It provides a detailed look at the real lives of people and the issues that they face each day, thanks to a team of reporters that serve the communities they live and work in. With a model unlike any other, “The National Desk” can proudly elevate the most important local events for their national audience, bringing attention to individuals and stories that need to be heard.

“‘The National Desk’ offers audiences firsthand coverage that is not always available online or on the national level.” -Sinclair Broadcasting Group President & CEO Chris Ripley

“We have received exceedingly positive feedback that frequently cites the remarkable, unique value of ‘The National Desk’,” says Sinclair President & CEO Chris Ripley. “Going beyond reporting the news, ‘The National Desk’ offers audiences firsthand coverage that is not always available online or on the national level, and we have found that people are eager for this content. Sinclair cannot wait for ‘The National Desk’ to transform evening news after the success we have seen with its morning launch.”

The main anchor of “The National Desk’s” evening news edition is still under consideration and will be announced imminently. Currently, award-winning anchor Jan Jeffcoat anchors the morning edition of “The National Desk” from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. (EDT), Monday-Friday, giving viewers engaging broadcasts with the most important news stories of the day.

Behind the launch of the “The National Desk’s” evening coverage will be Mike Garber, the current News Director from KUTV in Salt Lake City. Mike will assume the role of Director of Content this June, overseeing morning, digital, and late news at “The National Desk”. With over two decades of experience in media, Mike will model “The National Desk’s” evening content to be the far-reaching, instant news viewers have come to rely on since the program’s launch. This summer, “The National Desk” will also be launching a new website and app, giving instant access to the latest commentary-free news 24 hours a day.

“…it is imperative communities small and large can access the news they need anytime, anywhere…” – Scott Livingston, Senior Vice President of News, Sinclair Broadcast Group

“Whether you are looking for the day’s biggest headlines, or what’s happening right next door, it is imperative communities small and large can access the news they need anytime, anywhere,” says Scott Livingston, Senior Vice President of News at Sinclair Broadcast Group. He is optimistic that “The National Desk” can continue to provide this, saying “We have seen ‘The National Desk’ do exactly that, and this is why our viewers value its content with such high regard. We look forward to ‘The National Desk’s’ coverage highlighting even more groundbreaking news morning and night, every weekday.”

‘The National Desk’ currently runs every weekday from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (EDT). Check your local listings for stations carrying The National Desk. Learn more about ‘The National Desk’ here.

About Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc.

Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc. operates and owns twenty-one sports network brands. This includes the provision of services to 186 television stations within 87 markets. The company is a leader in the media and telecommunications field, providing local news across the US.

Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc. has television stations connected to all major broadcasting networks in the United States.

You can see their content across multiple platforms, including multiple-channel video programming distributors, over-the-air media, and digital platforms.

Sinclair believes in embracing diversity as a company and a prominent source for news and regional/local sports. In addition, Sinclair Broadcast-Group, Inc. utilizes its website regularly as a central source of company information at

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Sinclair Broadcast Group Expands “The National Desk” to Evening Broadcasts

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