Showing Up and Staying Authentic in Your Business with Michelle Bishop

Michelle spent four years in the bodybuilding industry that was fueled by a prior eating disorder known as Nighttime Eating Syndrome (NES). Michelle went on to compete as a national NPC women’s physique competitor and dominated the stage for 4 years until she realized she was tired of being tied down to rigid training routines and strict meal plans. After a couple of years of studying herself and breaking the chains that diet culture once had on her, Michelle then went on to coach and mentor thousands of women to food freedom, self-love, and maximizing their time in a physical training aspect. Michelle is now the founder of The Ladies Edge which was established on December 17th, 2017 has touched over 20,000 women through her program helping women love themselves where they are right now while on the journey to find their undeniable confidence. Her mission is to help women break free from the lies and limitations that have been placed on them both mentally and physically.

In this episode you will…

  • Learn about Michelle’s entrepreneurial story
  • Hear how she used social media to reach a huge audience
  • Discover about finding your identity
  • Hear how to package your offering or services in your business
  • Be clear and stick to your mission
  • Find out why having a lot of social media followers doesn’t always mean success
  • Hear about the three actionable things you can do with your business today
  • Get insights on how to avoid distractions especially from your competition



“The truth is nothing happens overnight, the transformation is a journey.”

“And I will tell you this, even though my “following” dropped, our business is the most successful by a longshot than I was with any other business prior even though “Instagram” doesn’t reflect it.”

“But at the end of the day, just be authentically yourself. differentiate yourself, make sure your message is your message. And that’s one thing that I’ve had to do really, you know, work on is removing a lot of the girls that are in my line of work, not seeing their social feeds because it’s so funny how, you know, you’ll see them and you’re inspired by them. But all sudden, like their message, like you start speaking it and you think it’s yours and you’re like, wait, wait, wait, wait. And it’s just natural because you read it all the time. So make sure that your voice isn’t so and so’s voice.”



The Ladies Edge

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