SDH196: How to Shift Your Energy to Change Your Reality with Arielle Loren

Are you feeling overwhelmed by work or personal life? Do you look at your life and wish that it consisted of more? Do you know where to begin to find out what that could be?

If so look no further than Arielle Loren, who owns a marketing agency that focuses on advancing female entrepreneurs in their careers and in their life, as well as growing their businesses through online campaigns and product launches. Right out of NYU she began working for marketing agencies and start-ups, but felt really uncomfortable being boxed into a space, and operating by a locked in schedule. She felt like there had to be more to this adult thing, and wanted to find something engaging and meaningful in her personal and work life.

Upon hearing that her role and duties at her job would change, she decided to cut the ties with her agency, and shake up her life. To her anything would be better than continuing down the path her life was headed and she needed to take a risk. Having always felt a spiritual calling to Brazil, she started prepping her life to actually move there. However, she forgot a few necessities: a plane ticket and the funds. But headstrong in her gut feeling, and armed with her security deposit and final paycheck, she made the move.

While living in Bahia, located in the central region of Brazil, she was able to separate her energy from the anxiety of time, and learned a lesson in humility due to drastic changes in her lifestyle. She began to reexamine what truly made her happy in life, how she could obtain them, and implement them into her daily functions. One way she did so was by expanding her hobbies into possible careers, and because she moonlighted as an online sex writer, she began an erotic magazine called Corset.

Running the magazine caused her to feel in tune with her sensuality, and basking in the sunshine of Bahia improved her mental and physical health. More importantly, she had a very high degree of self-awareness and was firmly in control and confident in where she wanted to be in life to thrive. 

By the time she left Brazil and returned to New York City, she had a newfound appreciation and respect for marketing, but wanted to return to the field in her own way. After a brief move to the Dominican Republic a few months, she took her marketing skills to Miami. It was there where she finally found the perfect mix of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, and the calm and Zen of beach and sunshine, with a prevalent Latin culture. There her energy was balanced and she was able to live the life that she had been searching for and build her own unique marketing business.

One thing she said she coaches her clients on is finding what their energy consists of and locating where it is they are the happiest, because the energy they approach their business with is the key to fulfillment in their career. Once her clients are in a career that their energy can flourish in, she gets them to start considering long term businesses goals through her Driven Workshop. The workshop is for female executives and CEOs who are looking to develop business strategies through self-discovery.

She said that there are three parts to women that need to be examined: ourselves, our sex lives, and our spirit. In order to master ourselves, we have to master our thoughts. This is achieved through observing our thoughts to know if we are positive or negative thinkers, and how they make us feel. By becoming aware of how our thoughts influence our feelings, she said we can then see how they affect our behaviors.

To tap into their sex lives, she creates a safe space for women to talk about their experiences with pleasure and energies like orgasms. She said she aims to help women discover their sensuality and heighten their senses in general, and their relationships with their bodies. She feels that the strengthening of that relationship is essential in the release and flow of creative energy, and if it that connection isn’t achieved for women through sex, it could be by simply doing and finding more things that bring us pleasure. She then asks when to observe how that practice influences their performance at work. She said when she does small things like taking the time massage lotion on her skin or take baths instead of showers, she arrives to work more alert, intuitive, and with a relaxed energy.

When it comes to approaching the spirit, she wants her clients to find a connection with something greater than themselves; whether that be people, the universe, or another energy. She used kundalini yoga, which is a positive and spiritual form of yoga, for 90 days and did asana early in the morning. From 4 a.m. to 6:30 a.m., she chants, meditates, and does kriya poses that involves breathing exercises and posture poses. She doesn’t do it every day anymore, but the practice connects her to higher energy, and saw how it changed her life and attitude for the better. She is able to let a lot of negative energy go because of the balance and peace that kundalini helped her obtain, and because of that she has gained clarity, and positivity in her thoughts and perspective, and wants the same for others.

Come and hear more about the other ways Arielle helps her clients work on their energies in order to better their outlook on their lives!

In this episode you will…

Be able to find the perfect place for your energy
Learn how to reinvent an industry to fit you
Know how to channel positive energy into your business development
Begin to observe your thoughts in order to master to yourself
See how experiencing high amounts of pleasure can improve your performance in business
Find ways to connect to something greater than themselves


“My job balances between being this hard core business strategist whose very numbers oriented, and really helps a lot of women entrepreneurs grow financially in their businesses, but at the same time I also become like the therapist because these women, these CEOs, they are also human and so human things come up in the process of business development. And so for me, just the intimate role that I take for my clients, I feel like it is part of my role and part of my calling to really be able to show up for women in an authentic, powerful, and beautiful way.” –Arielle Loren

“I look at Driven very much so as an experiment, because I never wanted to position myself as this guru or coach that has all these answers. I think for everyone it’s going to look different…what’s it going to look like to observe your thoughts? What happens when you actually make the intention to speak positively or to surround yourself in an environment that feeds that self, so that you feel that a better vibration day to day?” –Arielle Loren

“There are so many women who are unfortunately walking around with these clogged up portals of energy that are waiting to be released…and sexual energy at its core is creative energy. And so what I like to do is to encourage the women that I’m working with to observe how you function in your business when your experiencing more pleasure, whether that’s through sex…or just see what happens when [you] pay more attention to [your] body, or infuse more pleasurable things into [your] body.” –Arielle Loren

“I think it’s important to realize that it’s not just you in this business, and this energy of producing things, and creating things to serve the world. There’s definitely something much greater than all of us that influences how all of this plays out…and comes together. And so for me, when I talk about connecting to spirit, I like to give women different tools to be able to do that.” –Arielle Loren


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