SDH184: Turning Your Passion into A Paycheck with Ashlyn Carter

The adrenaline rush of hustling can be insatiable. The payoff even more satisfying. But how much longer can you go? Do you know when to take a step back?

Ashlyn Carter, founder of Ashlyn Writes, became very familiar with the adrenaline rush of hustle. Her previous career in corporate PR, and her type A personality, had always pushed her towards perfection. But when the stress from her job as a publicist, coupled with planning a wedding, led to her developing an eating disorder, she knew she had to make a career change.

She became inspired by Lara Casey’s book, Make it Happen, during her recovery time, and was introduced to the online world of creative female entrepreneurs. Already in love with working in female dominated work environments, due to her time as a traveling leadership consultant for her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, she knew she wanted to be surrounded by that positivity again. She also had a immense desire to help the careers of female entrepreneurs and get their feet off the ground, and the specialization of creative entrepreneurs online added an exciting twist to the mix.

However, when she returned to the work force after her leave of abscene, she went right back to her demanding job as a publicist. With her stress, anxiety, and depression on the rise just two months after coming back, her fiance gave her the extra push that she needed to leave her corporate job once and for all.

With a journalism degree under her belt and a talent for calligraphy, Ashyln Writes was born in February of 2016. In her role at Ashlyn Writes, she acts as a copywriter and calligraphist, and specializes in helping creative female entrepreneurs with launch pages, sequence mapping, and sales page copy; with her primary customer base being small wedding businesses.

When Ashlyn Writes first started, though, it did not have a specific direction. She was taking any work that she could get. From doing marketing work for corporations, ghost writing for people in Atlanta, writing editorial pieces, and calligraphy work, Ashlyn did it all. She loved the work that she was doing, but she soon got overwhelmed and her business struggled to find its identity.

What made her business into the polished organization that it is today was the Illume Retreat in Austin, Texas. The retreat was geared towards creative female entrepreneurs, and acted as a networking event, and helped them relax all while connecting, and learning from professionals in a variety of fields on how to grow their business with intention. They also learned to infuse their story and heart into their business’s message and brand. It was here where she gained a lot constructive criticism from these seasoned professionals, and made the ultimate connection with Jenna Kutcher; a wedding photographer and blogger, artist, and educator.

Jenna became a significant impact on Ashlyn’s business by asking her to design her launch copy and email sequence for her online course, and because of the great job she did, Jenna recommended Ashlyn Writes to almost everyone in her network. From there, Ashlyn became the go-to-girl for launch copy and all that her company specializes in today, and gained her niche audience which allowed her company to grow and mature.

One of the greatest lessons she’s learned along her journey, though, is knowing when to step away from the hustle, and work from a place of rest. Since she naturally is a high strung person, who truely loves to work, she has to remember take that time away to regroup mentally so she doesn’t run herself into the ground. Not only that, but making time for the priceless moments and people in her life fuels her genuine happiness, too.

Check out today’s episode and listen to the tips and tricks Ashlyn gives on how you can polish up your launch copy, and more about her personal growth and road to finding joy in her workplace!

In this episode you will…

Find the value in whittling down your target audience
Know when to take a break from hustling so you can rest
Figure out a way to get face-to-face with experienced entrepreneurs in your market who can help you launch your business
Learn how to transition your customer service skills and attitude according to your market and clientele
Understand figuring out a price point for your services
Make sure your copy is eye-catching, but retains clarity and doesn’t become overwhelming
Be able to find what differentiates your business from others in your market

“There’s just so much value in going for one thing…and trying to find something in a space that’s not being served…the more I wised up about being a business owner…stepping into that fully and calling myself that and rebranding…that’s been the biggest change.” -Ashlyn Carter

“If you let me, I would work 24/7 because it is so fun to me, especially being a business owner. You get to be the one who toggles the dials and switches things up, and tries things and I’m just kind of an addict to it at times.” -Ashlyn Carter

“No matter what the service is that you offer giving that really elevated, high level experience with touch points, client magazines, gifts, [and] making sure that it feels just as luxurious as booking something else…[I saw] how that really gave a lot of value. It helps me command the prices that I knew were worth it.” -Ashlyn Carter


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Jenna Kutcher’s Website
Make it Happen by Lara Casey
Design your Day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz
90 Day Year by Todd Herman

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