SDH175: Redesigning Your Life and Finding What You’re Meant to Do with Liz Traines

Is your career one that you were told would pay the bills? Was it the career path that you were told you should want? Are you living a life that you were told was a ‘successful’ one? Does it make you truly happy?

Currently a career and lifestyle coach, Liz Traines, founder of Liz Traines Coaching, helps women get out of this rut and create careers that they love. Her target audience are women in the corporate field who have given all they can to their jobs, and are left drained. She wants to help them build a career that fulfills them at the end of the day, and doesn’t cause them to neglect themselves and their mental health in the process.

Liz’s drive to be a support system for these women came fromher experience in their shoes. For six years, Liz worked in the corporate finance world because it was a stable career that would make her money; but something about that field never sat well with her.

She ignored this feeling and continued to grow at her company, and live a life full of traveling and became a well-respected leader amongst her peers. Yet she was miserable, and it took a stranger at a New Year’s Eve party to call her on the bluff that she was living. To him, it was evident that she wasn’t happy or fulfilled with where she was in her life, and his observation was the jolt that she needed to make a change.

Now that she had broken free from the mindset of what she should do, she had to go on a journey to find out what she actually wanted to do. She began to take time off of work to travel for herself, practice self care, and spent about a year doing things that scared her and were outside of her comfort zone.

However, she still hadn’t gathered the courage to quit her finance job, but it did help her figure out where she wanted to go in the new chapter of her career. Her job had sent her to India to teach and train new hires about their corporation. The connections she made with them made her realize that she loved teaching, getting to know people on a deeper level, and helping them flourish. But, after giving a presentation to get them excited about their company, she felt like an imposter because her passion for the company was no longer there.

Her decision to leave was soldified when she returned home, and after two days, she had to fly out to New York City during the holidays. As she was surrounded by the smiles and electricity of Times Square, she knew she could no longer lie to herself and the company, and finally talked to her boss.

After taking some time to re-energize, and watch some Netflix, she continued to learn how to really pamper herself without guilt. Coming from years of putting the needs of her job and others before herself, the concept and practice of self care without feeling selfish took some time for her to grasp. But through the process, she was able to empower herself, become more confident, and gain clarity about her next step.

Settle in and listen to how Liz teaches her clients to talk through their fears in order to progress, and more about how she found herself and rebuildt her life on her own terms!

In this episode you will…

Begin to prioritize your mental health over your career
Learn to do some things that scare you in your personal and professional life
Know how to emotionally unblock yourself
Figure out ways to re-center yourself or leave the corporate world
Become acclimated to pampering yourself and practicing self care
Discover the fears that you may have that are holding you back

“We get so buried in the day-to-day of the thingsthat we have to do, that we don’t think that much about the things that we want to do.” -Liz Traines

“I felt I had built up this persona of who I wanted to be, but it wasn’t truly me. It’s like I had this shaky foundation of…what feels authentic to me. It was like there was this disconnect with the person I was externally…and there was this internal part that was just like, ‘who am I?'” -Liz Traines

“If I don’t put myself first, I don’t operate at my best level…I have to shift my mindset and focus more on me…that kind of empowered me to [practice] self care; some people are built with it…but it wasn’t modeled for me and there was so much guilt with that. So I think one of the big things from day one until now is I see the benefits…of doing things for myself.” -Liz Traines

“I’ve completely created my schedule around how I want it to be, not what I think an entrepreneur should have as a schedule or what I think society…designates as a schedule…You really get to do it your way if you’re willing to dig deeper and unlearn what may not be working for you…and build a vision about what it could be and make it happen.” -Liz Traines

“What are those stories in your head that’s telling you that you’re not good enough…the moment we connect with why that story is there and that it is just a fear…and we have the control to make the future different than our past, it’s liberating.” -Liz Traines


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You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
Self Compassion by Kristin Neff, PH.D.

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