SDH173: Learn How to Protect Your Energy with Isabel Hundt

Do you feel as though you can’t help but contract the energies of your environment? Have you met someone, and with no explanation feel that something is off?

Isabel Hundt, a transformation coach, public speaker, author, and Empath Warrior, says these sensations are caused by mirror neurons in our brains. Mirror neurons cause people to feel the same emotions as their peers and can be affected by environmental stressors and energies. Everyone feels some form of this, but someone who is an Empath experiences these sensations to such an extreme that they obtain certain gifts due to highly developed mirror neurons.

These gifts range from having prophetic visions or dreams, and the ability to communicate with nature, animals, and spirits. Isabel, who identifies as an Empath, has had variances of these gifts as well astelepathic abilities, and the ability to see auras and energies in the form of colors. However, the most common thread amongst empaths is their sensitivity to the energies of others and the environment where they can completely absorb that baggage and be negatively affected mentally and physically.

Due to this danger, she stresses that Empaths protect their energy, and learn to separate their emotions from others in order to take control of their health and well-being.

To protect her energy, she meditates outside every morning to connect to nature and become emotionally and mentally centered. Or she uses the power of her visions to picture an orb of white light, which has the highest positive vibrations, and purple light, which represents spiritual enlightenment. She accompanies this vision with a prayer, asking to be covered in their holy energy and put forth positivity into the world, while deflecting the negative.

With her transformative coaching, she hopes to be an aid for other Empaths trying to understand their gifts and help instill confidence in themselves so they can find their voices, and support the energetic shift she said is happening in this Millennial dominated world.

Take second and learn more about how Isabel obtained her gifts, and became the ultimate Empath Warrior!

In this episode you will…

Find out if you are an empath and tips on how to navigate life as one
Become more aware of the energy signals that people send out
Learn how to protect your energy and separate your emotions from others as an empath
Connect with people who are on your same page and can help you grow your business
Be able to know to act off of your intuition, rather than the logical approach
Know how to avoid energy vampires and keep yourself operating at a high vibration

“If you talk to empaths…they tell you it’s really hard to really stay in connection with friends and to have a deep relationship with people because they get scared at some point…Most of them feel really overwhelmed and frustrated and a lot of them have depressive faces and panic attacks and anxiety. They’d rather just hide… [but] their heart speaks so much louder and they can see.” -Isabel Hundt

“An empath warrior! They are warriors at heart! They know they have something to give to the world and they need to get out there too! It doesn’t have to be speaking, but they know they have to get out there in a bigger way, but they don’t know how to bring both together; the introvert and the extrovert.” -Isabel Hundt

“Everyone has the mirror neurons and we can actually train that to become more aware of what is going on around us, to really look at people. But nowadays, I think we’re so fast paced, that we don’t take time to really look at the person and really take in what they send out. Because everything has energy.” -Isabel Hundt

“I meditate every morining…and I often sit outside…It just helps me to really feel grounded to nature and to connect. I’m at this point now where I don’t feel my body anymore, just feels like you become one with everything around you. And that helps me to really feel centered.” -Isabel Hundt

“Everything around me is protected. My electromagnetic field is closed, and I can send out the positive energy and I can receive the positive, but the negative won’t stick on me. I think most of the time, that’ s the problem with people. We know now that energy can get trapped in your physical body and it can create illness.” -Isabel Hundt

“As a spiritual person, there is no logic. There’s intuition…there’s guidance…Empath’s have a very distinct purpose in this world and right now we see an increase in people who consider themselves empaths…and it’s time for them to wake up and really use that gift because it shifts the whole energy of the world.” -Isabel Hundt

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