SDH161: Is the Universe Testing You + Rewire Your Thoughts to Achieve What You Want with Host, Amanda Boleyn

The universe will test you anytime you’re attempting to ascend to a high level of consciousness. Experiences I’m sharing how the universe has tested me over the years:

  • May 2011 – tempting me with a $1,000 gift card if I would had stayed with Target for another month vs leaving when I did
  • March 2012 – injured my knee in indoor soccer and need to replace a $1,000 shifter in my Jeep Liberty all within a week and 3 weeks before leaving for Europe for the first time ever
  • April 2012 – Being offered a full-time position with Wells Fargo as a recruiter and passing on the opportunity without knowing what was going to pan out with my relationship with Chad Carden at the time
  • May 2017 (heyyyy that’s like now!) – Opting out of a consulting project that would have been a solid, steady gig for the next 6-8 months, lucrative income but would have pulled me away from She Did It Her Way and not aligned with what lights me up along with my true purpose.

Faith is believing in the unseen and willing to act upon the unseen.

The second part is talking about having the right attitude, understanding your thoughts and how to rewire them to serve you.

With the right attitude we can accomplish anything we want in life. ANYTHING.

Possessing the right attitude requires 4 phases.

#1 – We have to see the NEED for ourselves. After every need, ask yourself, “Why?”
*Knowing our WHY behind what we do will drive us to succeed and give purpose to what we do.

For example:
“I need to sleep more.” Why? Because it will lower my stress, make me more alert, give me energy.

#2 – We have to WANT to do something.
“I WANT to sleep more.”

#3 – We CAN do something.
*We thoroughly believe we can accomplish whatever it is that we want.
“I CAN sleep more.”

#4 – I WILL do something.
*The will is our commitment to ourself.
“I WILL sleep more.”

If we can confidently say to ourselves, “I NEED to, I WANT to, I CAN and I WILL,” we will have successfully created the right attitude to move forward and turn our goals into reality.

Think of 1 thing that you’ve been wanting to accomplish yet can’t figure out why you haven’t been able to do so.

Walk yourself through the 4 Phases of Attitude, identify where the breakdown is happening.

Remember, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

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