SDH158: Risking It All & Going For It with Co-founders Claudia Wagner & Diana Gaertner of UBooker

What is stopping you from going after your business idea? Is it the people around you? Lack of knowledge? Or your own fear?

The co-founders of UBooker, Claudia Wagner and Diana Gaertner, mulled over the idea of streamlining the model booking process for 7-8 years. Being models themselves, they had even been conducting unofficial market research over the span of their careers, which was about 20 years. They found that a lot of models were frustrated with the tedious process of booking jobs, as well as clients with finding models for their project.

After seeing that the modeling industry wasn’t going to adapt the process to the fast-paced, technological times, Diana and Claudia made the decision to finally go for it. With the help of their two other co-founders, Andrea Losso and Nicola Scagnolari, they took their idea and translated it to a well-thought out business plan, and created a website.

With UBooker launching Februrary of 2017, Claudia and Diana were able to take a process that typically lasted a couple days and shorten it to around 10 minutes.

Check out how UBooker achieved this great task, and how they maneuver the hectic, but exciting life as lady bosses!

In this episode you will…

Know how to streamline a tedious process with your business
Learn to create a well-balanced leadership team with contrasting personalities
Understand how to work with a team that is located around the world
Gain the courage to go after your business idea
Figure out how to attract audiences across different demographics
Begin to encourage others who want to start their own business and not put them down


“To think about all the possibilities that could come up for the booking process…what could the client want, what could the model want, and how can we make things even better and more comfortable…more efficient…it was very complex, but also very exciting. It’s a great thing for me to learn, it’s wonderful.” -Diana Gaertner

“The first hurdle a lot of people have when [you] start a business is to gather the courage to do it; because we had this idea to do something for seven-eight years [and] we started to say there’s something to be done here.” -Claudia Wagner

“There is a fear there. There is a fear of change…I believed so strongly that this [could] be done successfully…every time I hear this can’t be done it [gives] me the motivation to work even harder.” -Claudia Wagner

“I still can’t always see the dimension of our project, it’s growing literally every day. It’s getting more an more complex…but deep inside I knew this was going to be a project that was going to work and I believed in it 100% and it is working…no one needs to tell us anymore that it’s not going to work because it actually is.” -Diana Gaertner



You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

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