SDH154: How to Turn an Idea into a Product with Brooke Saxon-Spencer, Founder of Belong Magazine

When was the last time you were moved by a magazine? The images bringing a smile to your face. The content inspiring yo to keep going. The pages themselves creating an experience.

Brooke Saxon-Spencer, founder of Belong Magazine, hopes that she can be the answer to that question. Belong Magazine is a digital and print publication that is geared towards female entrepreneurs, primarily in the arts, blogging and social media fields. However, it speaks to female entrepreneurs at all levels of growth; whether you’re established or still in the idea phase.

It tis meant to provide tools, resources, and a community for women business owners alike to connect and support each other.

The concept for the Belong was hatched from previous blogging attempts by Brooke.

As she was figuring out the best plan of action for her blogs, and in need of support when they failed, she wished there was an easy to find, and established community of women like her to talk with.

And so, she decided to be the one to make one. She launched Belong in September of 2015, and by it’s third issue, it was already picked up by Barnes & Noble.

Even though the publication has a digital medium, she prides herself on the print form of the magazine, with vivid images, unique finishes, page weight, and as she put it, life-giving content.

Her magazines are so visually stimulating, that they have even been the subject of Instagram hashtags, Pinterest tags, and used as decorative home pieces.

Learn more about how Brooke doesn’t balance her life, tends to her family, and invigorates her readers by encouraging them to power through the turbulent road of entrepreneurship!

In this episode you will…

See the growth and accomplishments in the slow rise of your business
Know how to create a business out of the curation of a broader field
Understand how to effectively and strategically defy modern advancements with your product or business
Figure out how to create a supportive and nourishing community with you business or brand
Know your limits as an entrepreneur financially, mentally, and personally
Find out ways to turn your idea into a tangible product or business

“You have to put yourself out there. Just by existing you’re not going to just grow relationships. You actually have to do the work.” -Brooke Saxon-Spencer

“As a business owner…there’s always something about getting your finished product…and being like ‘oh my gosh I did that’.” -Brooke Saxon-Spencer

“Not only did I do it…something that was this loose concept and idea, but I had no background and knowledge on how to accomplish this, but I did it on my own. That’d really rewarding on it’s own” -Brooke Saxon-Spencer

“My life is more than just about the magazine…yes there is work to be done, but am I making a good choice right now?” -Brooke Saxon-Spencer

“I don’t balance it all there’s no possible way…when you do choose one thing over another, that other thing is getting let go and sometimes that’s okay.” -Brooke Saxon-Spencer

“Knowing that [the magazine] is going to be in the hands of other women and encourage them is so live giving, and rewarding, and just keeps me going.” -Brooke Saxon-Spencer

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