SDH153: How to Make Money From a Craft You Love with Victoria Vix Reitano

Are you in an industry where you see areas for improvement? Do you think you can be the one to reinvent the wheel, and branch out on your own?

Without a doubt, Victoria Reitano, founder of CreatiVix Media, knew she could. After being recruited for an agency and working with them for 9 months, she saw how their service could grow and expand. She took on her first freelance project while working for them. Within five weeks she got all the accounts she needed to break off on he own, and CreatiVix Media was up and running. Not only that, she matched her six figure salary in that time as well!

CreatiVix is a digital agency that manages the digital content of brands, entrepreneurs and influencers. Depending on who you are, the services vary. For brands, Victoria provides full management, which can consist of writing posts, creating social media strategies,  determining and creating image aspects, as well as creating a video strategy. When dealing with entrepreneurs, she can provide the same services, but she also offers training sessions to help them understand how to take the reins themselves. For influencers, Victoria mostly trains them so they can make smart business decisions and understand the true value of their worth and influence.

Now let us dabble a little into the awesome career that she had before she started CreatiVix. Gaining a degree in journalism, she started out as a local reporter for a trade publication and other odds and ends writing jobs. By studying journalism, she learned how to effectively communicate with audiences based off of their psychographics and sharpen her interviewing skills. From there she became the Managing Editor for a blog in 2011, and started a Twitter Chat so successful that a producer at the Today Show got a hold of her, and she appeared on the show.

With her love for TV ignited, she was hired to be the Digital Producer of LIVE with Kelly & Michael at the age of 24. She managed their Facebook and Google + accounts, and brought them from 200 to 600,000 in nine months! (Needless to say, the girl was good.) From there, she went to Telepictures and worked on the web content for the Bethenny Frankel show and developed a digital brand for the Meredith Vieira show for NBC.

Listen in as you get to learn more about Victoria and her Sparta self!

In this episode you will…

Learn how to start a business out of another industry by seeing how you could optimize certain aspects of it
Building strong enough relationships with clients so that they will follow you
How to balance your life and responsibilities when you’re building your business
How to be the positive influences to others that you have experienced
How to have your own back but ask for help when you need it
How to negotiate a salary or a deal
Learning to actually do things your way

“Content always has to come first before you create a community…it’s about what you’re going to give your community, not necessarily what they’re going to give you.” – Victoria Reitano

“I’m creative with a business mind…how are you going to make money from your craft.”- Victoria Reitano

“Success is getting to do what you want with the people…or pet…you want to be with” – Victoria Reitano

“I love this company and this work that I do more than anything…I’m here to go big…I’m not going anywhere else.” – Victoria Reitano

“They used to call me the Olivia Pope of social media…there is nothing that I can’t handle.” – Victoria Reitano

“Who has your back except you…I think it makes you stronger…and having that fierce fire in you is something you need to really succeed.” – Victoria Reitano

“Get on the white horse and save yourself, because it’s always much better when you do!” ­- Victoria Reitano

“I think there’s a lot of talk about you need someone to tell you what to do, as opposed to you need someone to work through this with you.” – Victoria Reitano

“Your best is what you say, not what anyone else says.” – Victoria Reitano


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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
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