SDH152: How to Build a Business Based on Relationships with Becky Galvez

Does entrepreneurship run in your family? Has your entrepreneurial journey been more challenging than you anticipated? 

For Becky Galvez, CEO of Shop4Ties, her gift for gab, and love for connecting and helping others was in her DNA. Becky inherited Shop4Ties from her father, and what they both loved about their business was getting to know their customers to the point that they became family.

Shop4Ties is a custom neckwear company that specializes in ties, bowties, scarves, and as of a few years ago, Hawaiian shirts. The company was founded by Becky’s father, Arnie Kapp, in their family’s basement in 1982. Becky’s earliest memory of the family business was the sounds of her dad plugging away on the phone and their fax machine going off. Working with the entrepreneurial landscape of the early 1980’s, he advertised everywhere he could to get the name out there. He also negotiated manufacturing deals with factories in Korea, which was not the easiest task, due to the use and price of calling cards and level of communication needed for smooth operation. With the invention of Internet, Shop4Ties became more accessible anywhere.

Becky didn’t join the company until January of 2011, when she returned to America after working as a Spanish teacher in Chile for seven years at an international school. Before joining the company, she dabbled in the tie industry with her e-commerce site Silk Sensation, which sold fashionable silk ties. However, she based it out of South America, and didn’t analyze the market. She assumed that since her dad’s business flourished, so would hers. Unfortunately, that was not the case and she was left with 10,000 silk ties in her apartment.

She decided to learn from the best, and worked at her dad’s company stuffing envelopes at a desk and watching him perform the day-to-day tasks of running an established business. When he was diagnosed with cancer she had to take more of the reins.

Since then, she continues to successfully grow the business and uphold her father’s rapport with his loyal customer base and partners.

Get comfy and listen to the endearing story of how Shop4Ties came to be and learn more about Becky’s genuine love for people and connecting.

In this episode you will…

Learn to be OK with not knowing everything
Know how to grow your business in innovative ways
Discover how to turn your customers and business partners into family and friends
Understand the basics of international manufacturing
Know how to be transparent with your business
Find what aspect of your business you’re best at

“We don’t meet most of our clients; we talk on the phone with them. And we can talk with someone for 10 years and know their whole life story but have never met them.” -Becky Galvez

“I’m not just going to be your Al Bundy of the tie world. I want to know about you and I want to help you with things. It’s about these deep rooted relationships.” -Becky Galvez

“One of the biggest things companies need to invest in is showing appreciation for your staff. People just want to be appreciated for what they do.” -Becky Galvez

“Anyway I can connect with someone and find a way to help them, that’s really what drives me.” -Becky Galvez


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Peak by Chip Conley

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

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