SDH147: How to Create a Lifestyle Change with Your Product with LOLA Founders

What if you had to create your market? If your product would only sell if you spread awareness to a neglected topic?

For Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, founders of LOLA, the hardest part was making their product a segway to a lifestyle change. LOLA is a 100% organic cotton feminine product brand, and started when Jordana and Alex were struck with the question, ‘What’s in our tampon?’. Upon further research, they found that big tampon brands didn’t have to answer that question because the FDA didn’t require it.  This notion angered them, because they felt women had the right to know the contents of what they were putting into a fundamental part of their anatomy on frequent basis. Upon intense market research, they found that other women felt the same.

They also found that, like them, the question never crossed their mind about what their tampons and most feminine products were made of.  Alex and Jordana then knew that by raising the question, they had sparked concern about a broader topic, and wanted to be the ones to fulfill that void.  So they started with selling organic cotton tampons and have since spread to panty liners, pads, and non-applicator tampons. Also, LOLA has customizable packaging that allows you to choose how many of each tampon you need (11 regulars, 9 supers, etc.) and they have a subscription service that has them delivered to you!

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Tune into hear more about how Jordana and Alex revolutionize the feminine health industry!

In this episode you will…

Know how to build a business out of your curiosity
Learn to create a product and market based off of a neglected topic
Figure out how to turn a product into a lifestyle
Understand how to represent your brand as an individual
Know how to grow your business by using an efficient business strategy
Learn how to find people who will give you honest feedback and how to grow off of it

“We don’t want pink boxes with flowers on them, and ads with women dressed in all white during their period. We want a modern sophisticated brand that speak to us…and a box that looks beautiful in our bathroom.” -Alex Friedman

“Not only were women validating the idea it was clear that this was an emotional topic…both humor and feeling appalled that you had no idea what was in this product before…we realized that is what we wanted to build this business on.” – Jordana Kier

“Really getting out there and speaking on behalf of the brand and articulating our vision, and what we’re building is really important both internally for team building, [and] also to make sure that we attract the partners and the opportunities that we need to be successful.” – Alex Friedman

“A problem is never really solved…there’s always an opportunity to dig deeper…you’re never really done solving for something.” -Jordana Kier


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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

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