SDH143: How to Find Joy in the Hectic Lifestyle of Startup with Katya Siddall

As you begin to start your business, you may have all the groundwork done and your business plan in motion, but not sure where to start?

Katya Siddall, Co-founder and SVP of Sales and Marketing at Syndio, started out as an investor turned entrepreneur.

Join us as we also delve into her decision to not start her own company, but to acquire one and build it from the ground up to make an impact!

In this episode you will…

Know if you really want to be an entrepreneur or be in a small startup
Find the joy in the hectic lifestyle of being the boss
Learn how to transition from being an employee to the boss
Understand how to effectively communicate with your employees as a boss
Know how to choose like-minded individuals with the same drive to start a business with
Figure out how to form a well-oiled machine with your co-founders or business partners

“I thought before I had a strong sense of ownership. I thought that I was driven. I thought I cared a lot about the business… but holy cow, the burden that true ownership brings is absolutely insane.” –Katya Siddall

“Once you own a business there’s no turning back; it’s a commitment of I have to see this through until the last possible minute, whatever this becomes.” –Katya Siddall

“I have to do some mellowing and revising of my tone and that is the biggest management challenge for me right now. And remembering that not everyone is the same as I am; remembering to carefully temper my expectations so I can get the most out of all the people that I work with, even if they are different than I.” –Katya Siddall

“I care about building trust with people I work with. I’m trying to listen to them, empathize with them…and make an effort to understand their problem and solve it effectively.It’s all about them, it has nothing to do with me. So I have to give them what they need. How do they need to hear the information in order for them to feel comfortable making a decision?”-Katya Siddall


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Give and Take by Adam Grant

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

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