SDH142: 7 Day No Complaining Challenge + What I’m Outsourcing + My 1st Blog Post + Her Way Community

Hi She Did It Her Way listeners!

I’m super excited about today’s solocast – lots of different things I’m covering so stick with me!


7 days of no complaining
Join me by using #mywaychallenge on Instagram
Why? Because sometimes we need a reset

Okay, onto the next…


Quip – Quip designs & delivers refreshing tips and tools that simplify and protect oral health. That simple and easy. 

Hello Fresh – You guys have heard me talk about Hello Fresh before and how much I love them! They were a life saver when I got back from Europe a week ago. I was able to order a shipment to arrive when I got back so I didn’t have to worry about going to the store. 

Also, for today’s episode I partnered with Hello Fresh! They make cooking fun, easy and convenient. 
For first time users of Hello Fresh, use promo code

to receive $35 off your first order!

 LOLA – They are a 100% organic cotton tampons delivered straight to your door. Toxin FREE! Only 1 ingredient – cotton! The founders came on the podcast and their interview will be airing in a few weeks and I absolutely LOVE what they’re doing. 
Why I’m digging LOLA? Hmmm…..lots of reasons…
All organic tampons, no toxins
I get to chose how I want to build my box of tampons I receive (super cool and easy to use interface)
AND girlfriend, I get to put that stuff on auto shipment, meaning I don’t have to think about ordering tampons let alone every being caught not having any in a time of crisis 😉
**LOLA is giving She Did It Her Way listeners

65% OFF

their first order by using promo code


at checkout. 65% OFF…say what?! They’re practically giving them away…why would you not try ’em out. (And this is NOT sponsored either – I just LVOE what they’re doing!)


3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Health as an Entrepreneur – stay tuned! My goal for March was to write two blog posts but I’m so happy to still get at least one out! 🙂

HER WAY COMMUNITY (formerly Her Way Challenge)

If you’ve been following along for some of my solocasts then you know one of my goals has been to streamline things when it comes to She Did It Her Way from email, to podcasting and really focusing on what is going to produce the most value for my listeners.

Tune in to hear more about WHY I made the switch. And join us in the Facebook Group if you’re someone who is looking to launch a business, or has already! It is focused to support, connect and engage women doing go-getter things.

Facebook Group 

That is it friends!

Thanks for following along and don’t forget to join me in the 7 day NO complaining challenge! I’m excited to see what I learn from it. 



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