SDH140: Be Your Own Hero with Donna Mondi

Imagine if you quit your job to start a luxury business based on want and confidence, the day of 9-11?

That was the predicament of today’s guest, Donna Mondi, owner of Donna Mondi Interior Design. The odds were stacked against her and the growth of her business was slow and steady, but her immense drive and passion to be the best interior designer kept her going.

Now her company has been awarded one of Chicago’s Top 15 Best Designers by BuildDirect Blog and is a Silver Key Winner of the Home Builders Association. Despite the credibility of her business, she is still learning tricks of the trade, especially how to celebrate her company’s current successes. Because as a business owner it is hard  to not look what’s next on the horizon.

Stay tuned as she adds She Did it Her Way to her list of accomplishments!

In this episode you will…

Know how to stand out amongst amateurs in your field
Find out how to choose a quality staff
Utilize your platforms and toy with your marketing strategy to see what works best for your business
Figure out how to be your own hero in times of crisis
Learn to celebrate and appreciate your successes
Realize the best way for you to track your businesses progress
“If I knew then what I know now, I don’t think I ever would have made that leap because I would have been too aware of what I was missing. So it’s probably a good thing that ignorance saved me from myself.” –Donna Mondi

“I just kept working; I kept going at it. I didn’t really have a great plan B. I don’t believe in plan B, because you won’t make plan A work. So you just have to be patient and make it work.” -Donna Mondi

“Show up for work and work will be there.” -Donna Mondi

“I’m so determined; I can’t fail. That’s not an option. And I think that fear of failure keeps me driving forward…I just want to be the best…I’m just super driven and it probably came from a deep dark place of thinking I couldn’t do something [and]being determined to prove that I could. And not only could I, but I could do it really well.” -Donna Mondi

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