SDH139: How to Gain Confidence to Reach Ultimate Fulfillment with Stephanie Grutz

Have you ever been scorned by a business and felt that you could do it better? Are you scared that your business isn’t mainstream enough to thrive?

That never crossed Stephanie Grutz’s mind because she knew that what she was doing was necessary in order to better educate and treat people about their health. Stephanie is an integrative nurse practitioner who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was 21, after she traveled across the country training other practitioners in her role as a senior nurse practitioner. The stress of her job sent her into the hospital for seven days. After her ordeal, she felt as of Western medicine had failed her and wanted to help herself and others find ways to truly cure themselves and not temporarily mask their symptoms.

She eventually left her corporate job and opened her own clinic that was dedicated to holistic health. Not only that, she started her own vitamin line!

What’s even better is she brings awareness about what entrepreneurs high functioning individuals need to do to take care of themselves, so they can continue on their path to success.

Find out about more about the healthy practitioner’s story and her campaign to help people listen to their bodies and nourish themselves physically and mentally.

In this episode you will…

Understand how to take financial responsibility early
How to find a business opportunity in a failed system or market
Where to find a network and a market for your business before you start
Gain the confidence to walk away from what makes you happy to follow your passion and reach fulfillment
Know how to get your business as close to vertical integration as you can
How to take care of your health as you start your business and on a day-to-day basis


“I believe in getting the root cause of people’s symptoms. I don’t believe in throwing drugs at a symptom as a way to approach health…it’s our job to listen to our body, and it’s my job to be the detective for my patient.” -Stephanie Grutz

“Western medicine has failed me. There’s so much more out there, I need to figure out what it is…that’s what took me into the integrative, holistic approach to health…I knew I could help heal myself doing this and I could help heal other people.” -Stephanie Grutz

“I was at the point in my career where my corporate job wasn’t fulfilling my needs…I loved the company, I loved the people I worked with…I had this passion in my heart [that said] I need to help these people that are on the similar journey as me. And that’s what gave me the push…it just kind of fell into place with where I needed to be.” -Stephanie Grutz

“The invisible ceiling keeps me going. I know that my purpose in life is much larger than myself. Everyday I wake up, I’m excited, and energized, and motivated. I just love doing what I am doing.” -Stephanie Grutz

“Now I’m not just a nurse practitioner, I’m an accountant, a marketing director, a CEO, nutritionist, counselor, and everything else that falls under the entrepreneurial umbrella. There’s no time to give the task to someone else because it’s me; I’m it.” -Stephanie Grutz

“You will never get everything done because if you’re a true entrepreneur there’s always going to be something else that needs to be done; because that’s how you grow.” -Stephanie Grutz



Her Way Challenge

Less Doing More Living by Ari Meisel

A Mind of your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan

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Stephanie Grutz Instagram: The Healthy Practitioner (Supplement Line)

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