SDH138: Know When to Take the Leap for Your Business with Allyson Case

Do you remember when you were asked what you wanted to do when you grew up? The passionate way you answered? How you could envision yourself doing that profession so vividly?

For Allyson Case, Founder and CEO of Integro Rehab, that was flipping houses. She didn’t quite know how she was going to get there but she knew she wanted to be part of the process. However, she got caught up in a corporate job that she liked and was comfortable in; but she had an urge for more. She remembered her old passion for creating and building, and decided to go for it. With her background in real estate appraisal, she worked her way up the developer ladder. She soon started her renovation company and was contacted by HGTV, and got a write-up in the Chicago Tribune. Through reliability and trustworthiness, her business has soared and she is building up the Chicago area.

Take a minute to hear Allyson’s push for economic freedom!

In this episode you will…

Find out how to pick up an old passion that never died
Know when to know to take the leap for your business
Figure out how to develop your niche
Learn how to create the right team or collaborators
Understand how to gain a competitive edge
Realize how to grow your company but still stay true to your brand and aesthetic
See how to create a solid and trustworthy reputation
Find out how to create and sustain relationships with your clientele
Know when to drop the professionalism and be upfront


“I knew that if I wanted any kind of flexibility in my life…the corporate life was not going to work out for me…and so I made the conscious decision [where] I’m going to have to jump and I’m going to have to do something.” –Allyson Case

“Everyone wants to be rich, but I wanted the freedom. I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.” –Allyson Case

“Sometimes professionalism is overrated. I’ve rediscovered my humanity at work and that’s the best way to relate to people; that’s the best way to get things done. Sometimes you just have to be real.” -Allyson Case

“Be consistent. Whatever you are, whatever it is …people will respond to that; people will adapt.” –Allyson Case

“It’s the tangibility of the work that keeps me in the game. There are days where I feel my head is going to pop off and I feel isolated and I have all these questions and only a mirror. But everyday that we’re working, something is happening on the project sites; something that wasn’t, is. Something that was ugly is more beautiful than it was yesterday. And the tangibility of the work is an addiction.”  -Allyson Case


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