SDH137: Creating Community and Overcoming Fear with Cordova Pleasants

Here we are! Can’t believe we are on the 6th and final episode with Cordova! 

Are you wondering if you should start a business? Curious as to what the first 3 months in of launching a business looks like? 

As we head into another check in with Cordova Pleasants, owner of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle, she shares with us her experience attending MAGIC and how she selects the styles for her online boutique, how having proven track record of her business helps open doors to other vendors, and what the future holds for her company.

In this episode you will…

Hear Cordova overcoming her fear
Process she goes through when selecting styles for her business
Steps she’s taking to build a community with her brand and how you can too
Why it is important to give back

“You know what we’re going to do today? We’re going to try and take over the world. I feel like Pinky and Brain is so the goal. We’re going to try and take over the world.”


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