SDH135: How I handle my inner critic + 5 Actionable steps to start a podcast + Reflection on my first 6 week online course, Solocast with Amanda Boleyn

Hi friends! Today is another solocast and I can’t wait to share it! I’m currently writing this from Barcelona with a glass of red wine in hand right before heading to bed for another rewarding, intense day tomorrow. More about that later!

In today’s solocast I hit on a various set of topics including:

How I handle my inner critic
Learn the meaning of DGAF (don’t give a F**k!)
Initial steps to start a podcast (I promise you, it is easier than you think!)
How I noticed I used eating as a way of procrastination
Why not having buffers in your schedule can make you feel overwhelmed
Recap of my very first online course
What went well
What didn’t go well or better yet, what I learned from launching it
What I might change for next time
Be sure to stay tuned for next Monday’s solocast….I’ll be recapping my monthly goals I set for February, going over the ones I made, changes I plan on making for March and how my mindset has shifted even more so than last month. 

Thank you guys for tuning in each week! I am so grateful for each and everyone you for tuning in and follow along. 



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