SDH133: How to Write a Marketing Plan that Works, Pt4 with Cordova Pleasants

Do you know how to generate clientele in an e-commerce business? Who is your clientele? Where are they located? How do you reach them? How do you know how to develop an invested and loyal customer base? Did you ever think of mentioning chocolate?

Well Cordova Pleasants did, and found chocolate is a successful trigger tactic for most female audiences, because who doesn’t love chocolate?! Besides the chocolate, Cordova has incorporated other elements into developing her marketing strategy for her online store, Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle, such as fashion, adventure, and family. This is an important step for entrepreneurs and allows you to speak directly to your target customer, generate excitement around your brand, and establish what your brand is about.

Join us as we continue to follow Cordova on her journey as a new entrepreneur with a focus this week on the best way to spread the word about her business!

In this episode you will…

Learn how she developed a marketing plan for her online store
Get your target audience interested in your core offer
Discover what advertising avenues work best for your business
Figure out what marketing elements trigger your target audience
Drive traffic by engaging your target audience
Establish standard operating procedures when handling business collaborations
“Having a higher frequency is important. If someone sees your ad once [they’ll] keep scrolling by but if they see it three or four times, they might remember the logo, or the image.” -Cordova Pleasants

“When you spend the time to create your custom audiences, you’re serving your ad up to people who actually care about it and want to see it.” -Cordova Pleasants

“I like the details because they point me in the direction of what I see is working, but I also find I can take a step back and look at it objectively and keep focusing on my big picture goal.” -Cordova Pleasants

“I will have a heavy use of social media and I’m going to be using the 80/20 rule, 80% is useful information and 20% is sales pitch. Relevant information includes: fashion, food, travel, adventure, pets, family and chocolate.” -Cordova Pleasants

“Chocolate is one of those topics that women just love so when you combine chocolate with one of your other topics, you’re hitting two points and people gravitate toward that.” -Cordova Pleasants

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