SDH131: Transforming your Passion into a Business with Corielle Laaspere

What do you do when you have a huge idea, but are clueless on the execution? How do you figure out how to segment your target market? Is there even a place for your dream in the marketplace?

Our guest today, Corielle Laaspere, had the same questions when starting her own marketplace, Lift Uplift. Corielle always had a fire inside of her fueled toward uplifting women. She never knew what to do with her fire, until  she heard a story of a 19 year old computer science entrepreneur, Afreen Rahman,  and a reflective walk with her dog. She decided to create an online network for women to come together and help each other prosper.

Stay tuned as we find out how Corielle became the head of her very own alliance of powerful women!

 In this episode you will…

Find a way to hone your big ideas without giving up a fundamental service
Learn how to recognize and act on your ambition to lead
See how to spot a need for a business in an industry
Know when to take the leap into entrepreneurship
Be aware of what to consider when starting an ecommerce business
Understand what technologies work best for your new business

“If there were more female perspectives in consumer culture growing up, I would have had a much more empowered view on myself as a woman and a girl.”-Corielle Laaspere

“The time was right. I hadn’t really been financially preparing to become an entrepreneur. I was sort of overwhelmed by passion. I was really so enthusiastic about this and felt like I was doing what I was meant to do with my life and I haven’t regretted it.”-Corielle Laaspere

“It’s an alliance of powerful women, it’s not just women entrepreneurs. We’ve created something that is bigger than the marketplace…so it’s this very complex global and local system of women combining their power in a way that uplifts them and their communities.”-Corielle Laaspere

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