SDH130: Learn to Love Your Problems with Cordova Pleasants

Did you take the first steps in starting your business only to have them fall through? Or were you able to make some headway only to be confronted with the overwhelming reality of what it means to be your own boss? Regardless, did that fire in your soul and the determination in your heart ever die?

We didn’t think so!

And even if your confidence was shaken, we’ve got just the cure you need. We check back in with Cordova Pleasant, owner of Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle, and she chronicles the major problems she’s faced as her online store takes flight. She reminds aspiring entrepreneurs to find joy in their discouraging and stressful times when starting out, because those problems are born out of being the boss and dictator of your own business.

Join us as we give you tips on how to enjoy your lemonade when life hands you lemons!

Takeaways: In this episode you will…

Learn to develop the mindset of an effective problem solver as an entrepreneur
Take rejection as a learning experience and grow from it
Know how to conduct business relationships and partnerships and become business savvy
Be encouraged to stand your ground when dealing with business negotiations
Make sure you know the ins and outs of your business
Find the courage to start your business by yourself
How to generate content for your business yourself and on a budget
 Remember to do your research when coming up with a trademark

“When you’re working for other companies…you don’t really care about it…but when it’s your own business…you can do a happy dance because your problems are exactly what you want to be dealing with”

“I had received such support from female entrepreneurs and people wanting to collaborate…it’s been such a great experience so far. Everyone wants to help each other out”

“Content generates itself as long as you put in the work”

“If you’re somebody who’s listening right now and you’re on the fence…if you do one thing a day…you will be so much further ahead.”

“I love my business problems! Take a step back and look at your problems and analyze them. Are they the kind of problems that you’re okay dealing with or are they not? If they’re not, maybe you need to readjust and move and find problems that you like to solve.”

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