SDH128: Cordova’s Journey: How to Write a Business Plan

Are you ready to take the leap but don’t really know where to start? Maybe you’ve heard parts of entrepreneurs stories that inspired you and pushed you in the right direction, but what comes next? Most of the time, you aren’t able to follow someone’s journey from day one to the successful spot they end up in.

We’ve changed all of that.

Now, you are able to follow a lady boss on her journey as a owner of a lifestyle boutique in Alaska!

Starting this week, we will have a series of episodes with Cordova Pleasants, owner and creator of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle . Day one we talk about how she started her journey and get into the nitty gritty details of her business plan outline.

Listen in so you can get organized and use Cordova’s journey as tool to embark on your own entrepreneurial voyage. Also, Cordova has created a special place for She Did It Her Way listeners can take advantage of on her site. Click HERE.

Some topics we explore in this episode…

Customer pains
Product sourcing
Financial Projection

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“If you love it that much, and you’ve got that passion behind it, I don’t think it’s going to be difficult.”- Cordova Pleasants

“You have to outline exactly what you’re going to do and make it happen.”-Cordova Pleasants

“Create the plan. Make it happen. Before you know it, you did it.”-Cordova Pleasants

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