SDH127: Goals Accomplished (and not) in January + February Focuses + Tools for Productivity

Hi friends! Amanda here with another solocast.

In today’s episode I walk you through the goals we set for January and share with you ones that we made, didn’t make and some reasons why, along with internal reflection of being a business owner and tools for productivity.

Here is a list of categories for goals I set:


Her Way Challenge Email List
She Did It Her Way Email List
I use Megan Minns Goal Planning worksheets – I had to tweak them a bit to fit my needs but super easy to use and extremely helpful. Plus, they’re only $9!

Tune in to hear more of the breakdown and actual goals set!

February focuses:

Conducting a marketing audit from email list to our brand
Onboard interns
Increase listenership by 50%
How I get into alignment in the morning:

Use a self made tracker with a short list of things that give me energy like meditate, water, journaling (5 Minute Journal), limited to no eating of carbs or any alcohol consumption.
Every time I complete a task I get to cross it off as accomplished. Then at the end of the month I can use that information and compare it to my productivity and patterns.
Tim Ferriss – Tools of Titans – perfect bite sized information to prime my mind for the day
Tools for Productivity:

Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator for Google Chrome

Turn phone onto airplane mode for more concentrated time

Listen to a song on repeat

Inbox Pause for Gmail
Schedule out my days using time blocks
Headspace for meditation
That is it my friends!

Be sure to stay tuned for next Monday’s 6-part episode launch of Behind the Scenes of Business with Cordova, founder of Resolute Boutique! And mark your calendars for our Facebook Live Q&A with Cordova on Monday, February 13th.

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Let me know if this solocast was helpful or not! That way I can either continue doing more or get back to interviews 🙂

With gratitude,


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