SDH126: Stay Hungry, Stay Humble and Always Hustle with Julie Harris

Have you had a moment of passion when you decided you can’t just talk anymore, you need to take action? Maybe you’re scared to take the next step because of the doubts that fill your head and may even come from the people around you?

You can take action and once you do, it’s important to stay hungry, stay humble and always hustle.

Today’s guest, Julie Harris, is the Founder and CEO of the Exceptional Women’s Network (EWN). Julie shares her moment of passion that set the EWN in motion to help women fulfill their ultimate potential.

In this episode you will…

Discover her moment that created the driving force behind EWN
Learn why she chose a nonprofit instead of a for profit
See what it’s like to start something without having a background in it
Uncover Jill’s experience with building brand partnerships
Recognize why there should be more education on salary negotiations for women
Realize how Jill balances two jobs

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“Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn

“Knowing Your Value” by Mika Brezezinski


“We really want to see women fulfill their ultimate potential.”-Julie Harris

“You have to not be afraid to just go with your instincts and what you feel most passionate with in your career and then test drive that to the max in the beginning, because that’s when you have the most time to really make all of those juicy mistake you need to find your purpose.”- Julie Harris

“Not everyone finds their career or passion right away, but it’s really important to be proactive about it and find out what you need in order to be confident about your skill sets and go in that direction as quickly as you possibly can.”-Julie Harris

“Milton Berle said, if opportunity doesn’t knock, you build a door.”-Julie Harris

“It’s really critical to be proactive and hungry, to stay as hungry as possible in your hustle.”-Julie Harris

“Stay hungry, stay humble and always hustle.”-Julie Harris

“You have one life, you can definitely play it safe but there’s always another option. I say be a risk taker and be bold.”-Julie Harris

“In today’s world, it’ so important to funnel all the resources you can back into the nonprofit to support advocacy.”-Julie Harris

“You really can do whatever you set your mind to do, if you put in the time and hours.”-Julie Harris

“I needed to have that mindset of closing my ears to that criticism and saying you know what I can.”-Julie Harris

“If you have a really intimate relationship with fear, then you are able to go that much further in your potential.”-Julie Harris

“Listen to yourself more than others and your gut will tell you what is right.”-Julie Harris

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