SDH120: From Blogger Mindset to Business Mindset with Janelle Brown

12-Minute Affiliate

Is the 9-5 path society created for you not working out? Maybe it feels like everything in life is falling through and flashing lights point you in the direction to leave the corporate lifestyle but you stay because you want stability?

Today’s guest, Janelle Brown, is the founder of Fearfully Fashioned and she gives us a behind the scenes look into a full month of taking the leap full-time.

In this episode you will…

· Understand the transition from working at a company to working on your own

· Compare a blogger mindset versus a business mindset

· Hear how Janelle obtained her first client

· Listen to the story of how Janelle learned coaching skills

· Learn Janelle’s version of a business plan

· Uncover Janelle’s business fears


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“So many different parts of our lives contribute to our purpose and what we’re called to do.” –Janelle Brown

“It was my fault for not feeling how I wanted to feel and not being where I wanted to be and from there I was like ‘these self-sabotaging behaviors have to go.”- Janelle Brown

“It was a lot of me having faith that these things were going to work out but at the same time scrambling in my mind like how am I going to make this happen?”- Janelle Brown

“Everything was pointing to me leaving that traditional 9-5 lifestyle, but I was fighting it because I wanted stability and everything.”- Janelle Brown

“I decided that I need to shift my blogger mindset to a business mindset and less focusing on it as a hobby but as an actual stable career.” –Janelle Brown

“Coaching isn’t something that can happen in one session. It’s a process.”-Janelle Brown

“My goal is tailored to revenue generated activity versus just blog building.” –Janelle Brown

“Getting validation from others is something that I struggle with.” –Janelle Brown

‘Every time that I did a clarity session I saw me in that person how I was a year or two ago.”- Janelle Brown

“A lot of entrepreneurship is having the faith that your idea is going to be well-received and that there’s going to be people there who take part in that vision as well.”-Janelle Brown

“It’s all about having that faith to be diligent and to keep on putting in the work trusting that it will work out.”-Janelle Brown

“When you serve people and you give value to them, there is no other way for it not to work out.”-Janelle Brown

“Regardless of the numbers and where I am now, everyday is a day I’m closer to where I I’m trying to be and every ‘no’ is one ‘no’ closer to a yes.”- Janelle Brown

“We think that we need to have this amazing business and blog but what I’ve realized is it’s all about budgeting and making room for those things as you grow.”-Janelle Brown

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