SDH118: From Side Hustle to Full-Time with Lorena & Sakura from Bloguettes

Do you have all of these great business ideas but lack the tools to execute them? Maybe you’ve even tried one of your ideas, out as a side hustle, and want to make it your main gig?

Your head may be filled with questions like “How do I stand out from the competition if I’m not already well-known in this field” or “How strict should I be on sticking to my brand when I want to attract as many customers as possible?” These questions pile up on top of your constant over thinking and maybe even lack of trust in yourself.

Today’s guests, Sakura and Lorena, are the brains behind Bloguettes where they provide the tools entrepreneurs like you need. Listen in as they provide answers to some of these questions along with some other boss insight about starting a business.

In this episode you will..

Hear the story of how Sakura & Lorena met
Discover how S & L stand out against competitors
Understand the differences between conferences & workshops
Learn when & how Bloguettes started to take off
Explore the benefits of being strict on your brand
Know when S & L thought it was the right time to take the leap


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“The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss

“The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod

“#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso

“Rich Bitch” by Nicole Lapin


“Our whole mission is to empower what we call ‘the entrepreneurial age.”-Lorena

“We both kind of saw it as a side thing when we started Bloguettes.”-Sakura

“Our success is our attendees success.”-Sakura

“You need to do something to make your business not just depend on you.”-Lorena

“I think we’ve been successful because we love what we do.”-Lorena

“The growth point started coming as we started noticing we had something good and that we wanted to grow it.”-Lorena

“We know that there’s a market and there’s a place that we need to be to reach these people so that’s when we started webinars.”-Sakura

“We’re very strict with our brand. It sometimes limits us but at the same time we don’t care because people recognize us for that.”-Sakura

“We really try to focus on women and that’s one of the restrictions that our brand has had is our ability to work with men or a more masculine company.”-Lorena

“Going to work is fun for me. Everyday in a startup is a new challenge.”-Lorena

“I wouldn’t recommend anyone that’s thinking of quitting their job to pursue their passion to do it when there is no financial planning or where they at least don’t know if they can survive a year or a year and a half because things take time.”-Lorena

“We’ve learned how to become bosses.” -Sakura

“The decisions that I make do not need to please everyone because it’s our vision for the company.”-Lorena

“We put so much emphasis on our team being happy and to provide the best work environment but also sometimes decisions need to be made and it’s impossible to please every single person.” -Lorena

“Being a leader is not just pleasing everyone. Being a leader is making the best decision for everyone.” -Lorena

“There’s so much anxiety that comes from taking the big jump into being an entrepreneur…really give yourself a chance.”-Lorena

“Trusting yourself and trusting yourself that you can do it and you will do it. I think that’s where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck.”-Lorena

“Don’t wait for that dream life to come to you. Build that dream life for you. You can have the job of your dreams and you can create it for yourself to be the job of your dreams. You just have to trust yourself.”-Lorena

“Knowledge is power. I’ve seen so many businesses fail because they didn’t really understand their industry..”-Sakura

“Even if it’s not your expertise try to learn because that is going to save you so much time, so much money and so many different ways.”-Sakura

“One of my big problems is that I will start a million things and finish half of those million things instead of actually finishing all of them, and I always have this feeling of ‘I didn’t do enough.” -Sakura

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