SDH117: The Hustle of Starting a Company with Elise Runde Voss

Did you think you had it all figured out when you graduated from college? Maybe you even had your dream internship that had the perfect job lined up for you after graduation day?

However, you didn’t think that the stock market would plummet, along with the company that gave you the perfect job. Maybe you were able to find a new job, your new team was great, but you were drawn to a different story the company told, a story behind the scenes that you felt you were meant to be a part of?

Today’s guest, Elise Runde Voss, has shared this story, of wanting to be a part of a bigger idea, that many entrepreneurs have experienced in their own way. She is now the CEO and Co-Founder of UpScored, where she is changing the way people find new careers and interact with employers.

In this episode you will..

Learn how Elise thought of the idea for UpScored
Hear how Elise cut costs and saved for UpScored
Understand how the UpScored team determined their business plan
Discover Elise’s rock bottom and how she dealt with it
Know how Elise met her Co-Founders
Uncover how Elise felt leaving corporate America

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“The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz

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“I loved my team but didn’t love exactly what I was doing. I was more interested in the story behind the companies and doing fundamental analysis.”- Elise Runde Voss

“Both of my parents are small business owners, so I kind of grew up with this kind of entrepreneurial spirit in my DNA.”-Elise Runde Voss

“We really had to have an honest conversation with each other about how much we all had in savings, how comfortable we were with our timeline and really mapping that out together.”- Elise Runde Voss

“As an entrepreneur I’ve never felt like I’ve hit rock bottom, but I have hit rock bottom in my career.”- Elise Runde Voss

“I took a step back and it was total rock bottom where I was like ‘what am I doing with my life? I don’t love this job.I’m working terrible hours..’ It really made me step back and reassess my long-term goals.”- Elise Runde Voss

“As an entrepreneur you hit highs and lows all the time.”-Elise Runde Voss

“Intuitively it felt so right.”-Elise Runde Voss

“I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable leaving a steady paycheck…”-Elise Runde Voss

“At the end of the day I think being uncomfortable is OK and that’s when we learn the most when we are out of our comfort zone.”-Elise Runde Voss

“It’s such an important thing if you can be intellectually curious and let that drive you forward.”-Elise Runde Voss

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