SDH116: Shape Your Resilience with Neeta Bhushan

Do you feel as if you are living a lie of perfection? Maybe you’re constantly putting your emotions aside to maintain this perfect image of a job or relationship but deep down you are unhappy? Are you bottling up those feelings because you are trying to be a “strong” woman?

Bottling up emotions doesn’t mean strong. Sometimes you have experience your feelings and shape your resilience.

Today’s guest, Neeta Bhushan, is an author, strategist, and educator on emotional intelligence and confidence. Neeta has overcome many pain points in order to be the, emotionally intelligent, resilient woman she is today.

In this episode you will…

Understand the importance of self-love
Learn why Neeta has chosen the more resilient path in life
Know what emotional intelligence means
See why it takes certain pain points to shape resilience
Compare the two types of emotional growth you can experience
Embrace how gratitude builds your resilience

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“Our biggest pain points in our life are our largest blessings.”- Neeta Bhushan

“On the inside I was just sick of living this lie of perfection on the outside.”-Neeta Bhushan

“We attract what we are.”-Neeta Bhushan

“You need to know how to take care and create your own boundaries, stand for your boundries, stand for yourself and also know when to say no.”-Neeta Bhushan

“For so many female entrepreneurs, we’re constantly critiquing ourselves and trying to make things better.”-Neeta Bhushan

“Society kind of tells you, ‘oh brush it off. You gotta be strong.’ but there’s definitely something to that if we keep suppressing a lot of those feelings and keep distracting a lot of those feelings and we don’t let it experience and flow and release those feelings, then that’s just going to get bottled up.”-Neeta Bhushan

“Emotion is in energy in motion.”-Neeta Bhushan

“When you’re driving a business, or when you’re creating a startup a lot of times you might have to sacrifice things temporarily.”-Neeta Bhushan

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