SDH113: The On & Offline Entreprenuer With Jill Salzman

Does it feel like you’ve tried every job out there, yet you’re not satisfied? Maybe you spent four years of school studying law only to figure out that you hate working in a law office and want to work for the music industry? Maybe, you even make the switch and you realize again that it’s still not for you. But what if the problem is something bigger than boredom and having multiple interests?

What if you are meant to be your own boss and build your own business?

Today’s guest, Jill Salzman, has went from studying biology to working for a record label, to studying law, to music management, until finally she decided it was time to run her own business The Founding Moms.

In this episode you will..

Hear Jill’s “light bulb moment”
Uncover the behind scene look of managing & having tens of thousands of people in membership
Know when Jill felt it was time to start charging for the value she was providing
Understand the challenges of running an online business
Identify the complexities of working with different tech platforms
Visualize the structure of Jill’s week

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“What’s really amazing is this clearly universal desire for these women, who have children, to connect with other women who have children and understand the craziness of raising kids and trying this entrepreneurship thing.”-Jill Salzman

“We now have women that are much more serious about building a business and no longer attract all the dabblers who are really just there to have something to do.”-Jill Salzman

“You need to constantly be asking people what they’re looking for, what they like, what they love.”-Jill Salzman

“We keep thinking we figure out what everybody wants and then they go ‘no, no, no this is not it. We need this.’ So it’s a constant inflow of market needs versus what we build.”- Jill Salzman

“I’m constantly walking a fine line of wanting the budget to do a million things but knowing that it needs to grow slowly, and I need to be really patient.”-Jill Salzman

“My schedule, generally, is sort of set in my head, but what happens in each day is wildly different every week.”-Jill Salzman

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