SDH112: Do More of What You Love with Carly Ferguson

Are you still in the stages of building your business, but you have direction, clarity, and know where you are going? Did you leave Corporate America to pursue your passion and start the entrepreneurial journey? Are you ready to build a healthy business and do more of what you love?

Today’s guest, Carly Ferguson, is the founder and food journalist of Fit Living Eats. She helps people find greater confidence and energy through healthy habits, in order to do more of what they love. Carly is still in the beginning stages of her business, but she has a clear goal and envisions her business as healthy as her lifestyle.

In this episode you will…

Hear Carly’s leap story
Value the importance of saying ‘yes’ in the beginning stages of your business
Understand why time is your ‘best friend’ at the start of your business
Discover the most rewarding things in Carly’s business, so far
Listen to her most challenging part when taking the leap
Identify how to stay on the up side of the emotional entrepreneurship roller coaster

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“Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown


“I came at a cross road at my corporate job where I was either going to move onto something else, or take the leap and kind of pursue this life long passion that I had been chasing after.”-Carly Ferguson

“I knew that ultimately pursuing my passion would lead to the entrepreneur’s space and i’ve always been someone who’s been behind the scene and orchestrating all of the details. I’ve never one to really be the center of attention, so kind of taking ownership of something like that was scary to me.”- Carly Ferguson

“As a health coach, I really encourage people to lean into the power of ‘no’..but for me in my journey with building my business, I had really learned the importance of saying ‘yes’ because you never know where those opportunities lead you.”- Carly Ferguson

“There’s been a lot of things that I’ve done that I completely surprise myself with, and a year ago I would’ve told you ‘absolutely not; I am not doing that. I will look like a complete dork. You don’t want me doing that.’ But now it’s been fun.”-Carly Ferguson

“Giving yourself the freedom and the space to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of you, even if 1) you don’t know what they may lead to and 2) they don’t fit into your perfect plan.”-Carly Ferguson

“Sometimes what things turn into in the future is not like you planned, but it’s beyond your wildest dreams. So just having the freedom and confidence to take advantage of a variety of opportunities.”- Carly Ferguson

“Finding the energy and the continuous drive to kind of be all those different aspects of your business can be challenging at times.”-Carly Ferguson

“There are days when I feel unstoppable and there are days when I am seriously questioning what did I get myself into?”- Carly Ferguson

“Everything that I am creating is an extension of me and I’m selling my services with my name on it.”-Carly Ferguson

“What helps keep me on track is taking movement breaks throughout the day.”-Carly Ferguson

“One of the things I didn’t like about my corporate job was being behind a computer 9-5, in an office with no windows, and just feeling so sluggish and not energized.”- Carly Ferguson

“When things are getting really tough, or mentally I am just feeling a road block somewhere, I really try to visualize myself as having a reached a certain level of success.”- Carly Ferguson

“Something that I’m working on, and something I want to get a lot better about, is building boundaries around my work hours and my business.”- Carly Ferguson

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