SDH108: How to Build Your Community with Sian Simpson

Do you ever yearn to travel around the globe but are trapped in one location by your job? Maybe you crave more flexibility that your current work conditions just don’t have? Having flexibility and being location independent is possible, but it takes more than one person to achieve this. It takes a community.

Today’s guest, Sian Simpson, built her community both in the US and New Zealand with Kiwi Landing Pad.

In this episode you will…

Build community value by becoming a “community mentor”
Uncover how to set a schedule when working in different geographic areas
Acquire methods to say NO
Understand the benefits of asking the community what they want to know
Discover the best part of awards
Learn the difference between “intellectualizing feeling” and “actually feeling”

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“Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

“The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko


“You have to do the unscaleable to scale.”-Sian Simpson

“As people starting out in your career, or as people mid level, you’re always like ‘I have no right speaking to people,’ when really you do. You just have to be very specific in what your ask is and make sure that the person at the end of you ask can actually fulfill what you’re asking them to do.”-Sian Simpson

“You don’t have to spend money on stuff to add value. You actually just figure out what your customers need and want and start pulling levers to actually give them added value.”-Sian Simpson

“If you are going to do your job in 20 hours you need to measure that effectively.”-Sian Simpson

“The point at which you start dropping the ball is the point at which you should start paying attention to some of the stuff you should let go of.”-Sian Simpson

“The people who are millionaires tend to not look like millionaires.”-Sian Simpson

“Community is the best thing you can do in life because at the end of the day everything comes down to people.”-Sian Simpson

“I really like day dreaming. I think it’s really powerful to be able to stretch the mind.”-Sian Simpson

“If you are going to learn about community, the best way to do that is looking at tribal culture and social hierarchies we just don’t have in the Western World.”-Sian Simpson

“I would really encourage you to find one really exceptional mentor. It makes all the difference to anything you are doing in life.”-Sian Simpson

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