SDH103: Selling Authenticity with Lauren Kelp

Are you over constantly feeling the pressure of perfection? As women we sometimes feel the need to live up to this picture perfect image of a family, a relationship, a business. However, that image isn’t real. You are real and life is messy.

Today’s guest Lauren Kelp, founder of Lauren Kelp and tablemakers, helps women with thoughtful living minus the pressure of being perfect. As a digital diva, she helps bring back the authenticity online with not only topics of thoughtful living, but also cocktails, entertainment and food. She brings this atmosphere to life in the community with her tablemaker dinners.

Tune in!

In this episode, you will..

Hear how her brand has evolved & changed
Understand what an online “troll” is, including Lauren’s own personal experience with one
Look at thoughtful living holistically
Discover the importance of setting boundaries
Identify the transition from a “about me” blog to a website with contributors
Uncover how to match your brand with partnering brands & when it doesn’t work

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“To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee

“Franny and Zooey” by J.D. Salinger

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

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“The brand has evolved because I have evolved, and I think what I am interested in and care about has also evolved.”- Lauren Kelp

“When you’re talking about thoughtful living, for me it’s an attitude. If I really break down what does that attitude encompass, it’s not just food and it’s not just entertaining it’s so much more. It’s a perspective on life.”-Lauren Kelp

“Especially for women, there’s so much freaking pressure, pressure to be perfect have that great job with the great relationship with that well-trained job, with the family plan. It gets a little ridiculous after a while because it’s not sustainable.”-Lauren Kelp

“I think there is power in community and power in talking about things.”-Lauren Kelp

“I like to look at a brand as a personality, so if it doesn’t jive with the personality then it’s not going to make sense.”-Lauren Kelp

“Life is messy and things get out of whack, so I think if you hold onto one healthy habit, mine is meditating, the others seem to fall in line easier.”-Lauren Kelp

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